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TOP 10 PDF Reader Apps You Should Use on Your Android Device

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The PDF file format is generally accepted. Whether you are a businessman or work for any multinational company, you will always need PDF file formats to streamline your workflow. PDF reader apps for Android are the perfect solution for your daily needs.

10 Best PDF Reader Apps for Android

Several document scanning applications do an excellent job of scanning documents and converting them to PDF formats. Here is a list of such PDF reader apps for Android.

We all know CamScanner. It is one of the most intuitive PDF reader apps for Android. If you want to get up-to-date scans with high quality results, you should choose CamScanner.

This application will help you convert PNG to PDF, for example, you have a PNG file on your computer and you want to convert PNG to PDF, just click the import button, attach the file and save the PNG as PDF in a few seconds. … CamScanner also works as an online PNG to PDF converter, making it easier for you to use the additional features discussed below.

It scans physical documents to PDF files with ease.
A multifunctional application that easily imports PDFs.
Users can comment on PDFs and share them with friends and clients.
The paid version offers 10 GB of cloud space and editing features.
Users can save and even fax their PDFs using CamScanner.

When it comes to scanning, many people choose Adobe Acrobat. It is a great PDF scanning application with a wide range of features.

You can easily convert files to PDF formats.
It offers the ability to annotate and helps you take notes in PDFs.
Users can fill out forms, and the app also offers cloud storage support.
Get an 18: 9 display with different aspect ratios.

Need an advanced app that offers a one-stop scanning solution? Use FlashScan, one of the best PDF reader apps of 2020.

It is a robust document scanning app that scans all types of documents in seconds.
Get crisp, clear scans with FlashScan and you can easily share, save, rename or delete any files and folders.
It offers intuitive OCR that reads text from any images. OCR also offers translation assistance. You can translate any text from English into other languages.
It is an accurate QR and barcode scanner that reads all codes in no time.
Get post-scan editing filters to give your PDFs a professional look.
This is a full scan to PDF application that leaves no stone unturned for creating the highest quality PDFs.

Next on our list of the best PDF reader apps is DocuSign. It offers both free and paid versions.

The main function of DocuSign is to open documents, let you fill them out, sign documents and send them.
For $ 10 a month, you can get a few extra features.
Excellent application for saving documents in PDF format.
Offers a user-friendly interface.

Looking for PDF reader apps and we can’t miss Fast Scanner. It is a great scanning app with a simple user interface.

Fast and convenient document scanner.
You can save scanned images in various file formats such as JPG, PNG, and PDF.
Fast Scanner easily turns your Android devices into a multi-page scanner.

This app is similar to ezPDF. It offers one-stop solutions for PDF formats.

Users get an organizational system to manage PDF files in real time.
It also offers ConnectedPDF support, the ability to fill in PDFs, and support for this format via passwords, certificates, and more.
Safe document navigation with bookmarking features.
Users can search for text in your PDF document.

We all know Google as a trusted brand, which is why Google’s PDF viewer is the top choice when it comes to scanning PDFs.

This PDF scanner plug-in is best for Google Drive users.
Users can open, view and print PDF files as needed.
Perfect app for simple use cases.

It is one of the most impressive PDF reader apps and offers many features and a user-friendly interface.

It is a versatile e-book reader that offers exciting new features every time you update.
It supports many formats like PDF, EPUB3, MOBI, ZIP, TXT, DJVU, etc.


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