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Top 10 Money-Saving Tips for Bristol Students

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Money-Saving Tips: One of the most famous cities in the UK, Bristol offers something for everyone to love to do and see. The biggest challenge for tourists is money, although in Bristol, that shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Several interesting sights and attractions are either extremely reasonably priced or completely free to see. You will also find numerous affordable student rooms in Bristol which meet your standard. There are a few other strategies you can use to maximize the amount of money you have available. We have put together a list of some of the greatest ways to cut costs so you can still enjoy Bristol on a tight budget.

Making a budget plan

The majority of university students must make with meagre living expenses, therefore it’s critical that you establish a reasonable spending plan at the start of each term. You may focus on your studies and earn your degree while avoiding financial concerns.

Discover the fundamentals of creating a budget

It’s critical to monitor your expenditures. Make a financial spreadsheet so you can see how much you have to spend every month. Keep an eye on your regular outgoings, including your phone and rent of private student accommodation in Bristol.

Prepare food for your roommates

You must shop wisely for meals if you’re a student on a tight budget. Start each week with an economical ‘big shop’ and cut back on the amount of takeaway you eat. Invest in supermarket value items instead of well-known names, and buy late in the day when many products are on sale.

Making your own packed lunches instead of purchasing a sandwich or visiting a coffee shop will also save you money.

Cut back on your travel expenses

The majority of universities are either campus-based, with everything right outside your door, or city-based, with great access to public transport. Most likely, you won’t require a car for your studies. Instead, search for travel deals for students.

If you travel by train frequently, for example, a 16–25 railcard will pay for itself. It will save you approximately £189 a year and just £30 for a year or £70 for three. 

Local buses are still among the least expensive modes of transportation. Learn about the closest bus stop to your student housing in Bristol as this will make your travelling smoother. Verify if you qualify for any weekly or monthly passes or student discounts on the services you use.

Benefit from student discounts

More than 350 student discounts are available, covering everything from necessities and travel to fashion, music, and technology. Many discounts, coupons, and offers are only available to students. 

Don’t buy course materials at full price

When you find out what you need to read for the school year, try to purchase your course materials whenever you can. You can check out set textbooks from the library and won’t have to buy them all. You can get inexpensive used copies online by visiting websites or by contacting your university.

Invest in second-hand clothes

It is a known fact that college-going students are always short of clothes. So you can always purchase used clothes which are in good condition from a thrift shop. This will surely save you money. 

Get a part-time job

There are numerous part-time jobs in the market. Engage yourself with a few part-time jobs in order to earn some extra money.

Rent books

Renting books for your course rather than purchasing them would definitely save you a good amount of money.

Attend free events

Always make sure to attend free festivals or events held in your city. This way you will save money and also be entertained.

New Bridewell- A well-equipped student housing community in Bristol

In the middle of Bristol, New Bridewell is a highly sought-after student residence. To meet the various demands of students, it provides three distinct kinds of studio rooms. New Bridewell Bristol is in an ideal location—it takes only ten minutes on foot to get to BIMM and the University of Bristol, and twenty minutes to get to UWE. The restaurants, pubs, and stores that Bristol has to offer are all conveniently close by because they are located in the heart of the city.

You can enjoy their wonderful social rooms, which include plenty of comfortable sitting, a TV area, and games. Also, all of their student accommodations come with Wi-Fi, contents insurance, and all bills*.


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