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Top 10 eCommerce Trends for [2021]

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After the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world, eCommerce sales have increased manifolds.

With substantial dependence on online eCommerce stores, their owners are now worried about securing their site with the best SSLcertificate and trust seal agents.

Store owners are now taking cybersecurity more seriously than ever, which is why they are looking for authentic security protocol providers. 

Apart from that, there are plenty of other trends too. So, let’s dive into 10 of them. 

1.            Consumers will continue to favor convenience

eCommerce giants like Walmart and Amazon have systems up and running. They can ship bulk orders, offer extensive discounts, and, over everything else, people trust them. 

But, for new ecommerce plays in the market, the road is bumpy. They first have to establish credibility and gain recognition to sustain in 2021.

Customers prefer convenience, and for an eCommerce newbie, it will be tough to develop the same sense of trust and satisfaction among its target audience as giants like Walmart and Amazon have built. 

2.            The shift in buying patterns will prevail

Last year when lockdowns were imposed, and people were stranded inside their homes, they had no other option but to rely on eCommerce marketplaces for everything. 

From groceries to vehicle parts, people were ordering online without any second thoughts. 

However, many have started to get back on track, which might induce them to buy from physical shops, but the entire trend won’t change. 

3.            Quickness will be the key

Back in 2020, small and medium business owners understood the importance of moving online, which is why they will continue to venture online this year too. 

However, the ones that are quick to adapt to changes will do well. By quickness we mean, showcasing their products/services with minimum effort across the masses. 

Instead of hiring a team of developers and marketers and building their online stores, they will collaborate with other marketplaces to gain recognition and build their brand upon it. 

4.            Videos will continue to rule

Brands are leveraging video content more than ever. For example, they have started featuring their ads on Instagram and Facebook stories. 

You can see ads appearing in between Facebook Watch and in your news feed too under sponsored posts. 

Businesses will continue to leverage social media platforms this year through video content to give them a more specific target market. 

  • Installing SSL Certificates will be a must

With an increase in the number of cybercrimes and the effect of Google’s Page Experience Metrics, the use of HTTPS and SSL encryption has become mandatory.

HTTPS or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure uses SSL or Secure Socket Layer certificate to encrypt data transfer between the web server and client browser.

SSL uses Public Key Infrastructure to ensure that no hacker can intercept or intervene in between the communication.

Thus, SSL will be of paramount importance in 2021 as it acts as a ranking factor and a security protocol necessary to create a conducive online environment for customers.

When it comes to securing your ecommerce website, we suggest going for a wildcard SSL certificate, as it secures your primary domain along with multiple first-level subdomains.

This saves you the hassle of investing in separate single-domain SSL certs for each subdomain. It is also a very scalable option in case you choose to expand your business in the future.

There are many premium yet cheap wildcard SSL certs available in the market. Are you searching for the best wildcard SSL for your business? We recommend that you peruse the multitude of options available with the reliable Wildcard SSl Certificate Providers such as Cheap SSL Coupon Code, ClickSSL, etc., before settling for the most suitable option for your business.

  • Analytics will be more specific

Data analytics have already ruled the market in 2020 and will continue to do so in 2021. But brands are expected to narrow their approach down and be more specific about it. 

Brands will look for specific content that can derive traffic and understand the consumer psyche. More such content will get produced, and analytical tools will also become robust, letting people know what exactly brings them traction.

7.            Influencer marketing will continue to increase

Last year, we saw how brands were leveraging influencers of their domain to promote their product and build value. 

This year, the approach will get a bit streamlined. Brands will work with micro-influencers who share the same values with them. 

Influencers will get much more freedom than ever to create content and make their promotion as natural as they can. 

Influencers will also be asked to leverage all social media channels for promotion to create an omnichannel marketing approach. 

8.            AI will assist businesses on a larger front

AI or Artificial intelligence was a buzzword in the online spectrum last year. Some believe it is here to stay and kick human resources out of the system altogether, whereas others believe it won’t have a massive impact in the eCommerce domain. 

But, according to expectation, AI will neither take jobs nor will be rendered unworthy. Instead, brands will put it to more monotonous tasks like inventory management and customer assistance.

It will be used to predict inventory, outcomes based on stats and assist staff in daily tasks. Thus, it will help businesses in completing their tasks effectively.  

9.            Personalization will become intense

Last year, experts talked about the importance of giving a personalized experience to your customers. 

Brands did try to follow it to some extent, but it is expected to become more intense this year. 

Brands will remember the purchase patterns of their visitors based on which they will design personalized experiences for their customers. 

With consumers’ consent, their demographics, behavior, and patterns will all be considered before creating personalized plans.

10.         Brands will become more environmental-friendly

Given that the environment bears the brunt of our actions daily, many consumers are becoming skeptical about what they buy and whom they buy from. 

The impact of manufacturing products is taking a huge toll on the environment, so brands are expected to be a part of the “Go Green” initiative and will induce users to buy their products to safeguard the environment. 

Thus, in 2021, brands have to find eco-friendly ways to manufacture and market their products. 

To Conclude

2020 was learning for both the consumers and the corporate spectrum. It taught us how employees could work remotely, and even the most essential commodities can be bought online.  

Businesses learned to streamline processes and make shifts to technology for completing the basic tasks. 

2021 is the year of putting the learning to actual practice. As we communicate with you, thousands of brands are switching their operations online. 

Moreover, consumers have also become skeptical about their safety and are purchasing everything online. 

Thus, if you align your brand with these ten trends mentioned above, the road to success in 2021 will be clear for you.

ommerce sales have increased manifolds.  


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