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Top 10 E-commerce Marketing Strategies in 2021

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As Covid-19 strike last year, the use of the internet peaks a new height. Many people are shifting their business online. On the other hand, the popularity of e-commerce is getting higher. If you are one of them who wants to start their e-commerce business in 2021, this article can be very helpful for you.

In the following, we are sharing some effective strategies that are going to be game-changer in 2021. Many internet marketing services in India implement these strategies for their clients. Let’s find out so you can apply them soon.

  • Start With SEO

Search engine optimization is the most important method for a website, no matter what kind of website you are running. Doing SEO properly can make your website rank higher on search engines. Plus, a well-optimized website can drive more traffic than a normal website. 

When you are doing SEO for your e-commerce website, make sure you are focusing on on-page and off-page SEO. If the site needs technical SEO, you can contact a digital marketing company.

  • Focus on Website’s Speed

Many visitors leave because of the low loading time of a website, especially when it’s an e-commerce website. Cause they have to browse multiple products. If your website’s speed is slow, you need to improve it as soon as possible. You can optimize the images of your website for improving speed.

  • Write Attractive Product Description 

When we are talking about an e-commerce website, the product description is very essential. Plus, a product description can drive more sales. When you are writing product descriptions for your website, make sure they are as appealing as possible. Write all the details about the product. It can make your website from others.

  • Add Relevant Product Videos

Well, this is quite a new strategy. You have seen how powerful video marketing has become in the past decade. People prefer video can rather than written content. Plus, a video is more attractive. However, many e-commerce websites still don’t use product videos as their marketing strategy. So, using product videos could be very beneficial for your website.

  • Write Attractive Newsletters

E-commerce depends a lot on email marketing as you are sending emails to a target audience. Email marketing is relatively one of the most effective marketing strategies for most online businesses. 

That’s why writing an attractive newsletter is essential. Many e-commerce websites get help from a digital marketing company that provides high-quality copywriting services. You can also hire a copywriter for writing email copies. 

  • Send Personalized Emails

This strategy is quite similar to the previous one. When a company is writing a personalized newsletter, it can easily grab the attention of that customer. When your customers are seeing their name on the newsletter, they will click on the link. So, make sure you are sending more personalized email newsletters often. 

  • Try Google Shopping Ads

No e-commerce business could run without advertisement. In addition, if you want quick success, showing ads could be really beneficial. Google ads are the best thing when you are trying advertisement for the first time.

When someone is searching for a particular product on a search engine, they can notice your ads on that particular product at the top. It can drive more traffic to your website. Many internet marketing services in India use this strategy for driving more traffic. 

  • Implement Social Media Ads

Social media ads are as much effective as Google shopping ads. Social media has become a household name in the 21st century. Plus, there are many variations on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. You can pick any of them as per your requirement. This strategy can be very helpful during sales. 

  • Convert Wishlist With Discount

Who does not love a good discount? It’s an amazing strategy for e-commerce getting more conversion on e-commerce business. You often see many people put products on the wishlist because of the high price of the item. It shows that they are interested to buy that product. 

The best way to get the conversion is by providing the product with a discount. Make sure you are analyzing those customers and giving them discounts. 

  • Try Influence Marketing

Influence marketing is a new strategy in the market. This strategy is quite popular on platforms like Instagram and Youtube. You can contact a social media influencer, so he or she can promote that your website or a particular product from your website. 


An e-commerce website can relatively change the way of your life. Finally, you know the best strategies you can apply for your e-commerce website. However, not all of them are suitable for every website. Either you can apply them as per your site’s requirements or you can get help from a digital marketing company. Make sure to research deeper before implementing them.


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