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Top 10 Cartoon Character Birthday Cake Ideas for Kids

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Picking a delicious and unique birthday cake for your kid is a real fun due to the availability of multiple choices out there. Since parents know their kids so well, it is easy to choose their favorite cartoon character cake and add some creativity. Imagine the utmost ecstasy and smile on your kids’ faces after getting the beloved cake on their special day. Indeed, this excitement to cut their desired cake doubles the fun and joy of the celebrations.

Whether you want Hello Kitty Cakes or looking for any other cartoon character, it is always a great idea to choose a renowned cake shop for this purpose. Remember; only the professional and famous cake shop offers a great variety of cakes without compromising the quality standards.

We have put together the list of the most popular cartoon character cakes your kids are going to love for sure.

Hello Kitty Cake

Hello Kitty cake is considered one of the most popular cakes with a pink and white base embellished with yellow, pink, white, or blue kitty dresses. Now ‘Hello Kitty’ is a famous fictional character because girls are soft, amiable, and subtle like a kitty. The adorable bow on the kitty’s head is really special and represents girly essence.

In this world of science of technology, kids have become intelligent and modernized.  That’s why; choosing ‘3D Hello Kitty Birthday cake’ is a perfect surprise for your super smart kid.

Minion Cake

Like any other cartoon character, Minion is kids’ favorite too, watching its cartoon daily. The tiny little monsters (Minions) give fits of laughter to kids, and they go gaga for the character.

You can’t think about the level of happiness. This Minion-shaped cake can give to your kid. So, order this delightful cake this time, and don’t forget to capture the impeccable smile of your kid.

Tom and Jerry Cake

Find us a kid who doesn’t like Tom & Jerry cartoon. Surely, it’s impossible to find someone because every kid loves these cartoon characters. Every kid enjoys the cute fight of Tom and Jerry and loves to see them together.

Don’t you think choosing ‘Tom & Jerry Cake’ for your kid’s birthday party is a next-level surprise for him? Surely, your kid will start jumping with joy after seeing this enticing and favorite cake in front of him.

Barbie Cake

Girls and their obsession with Barbie are pretty real. If you have a baby girl, you already know how much she loves playing with Barbie dolls. The happiness on their face is priceless when they see a Barbie cake in front of them.

Undoubtedly, this Barbie cake glorifies the delight and fun of celebrations.

Winnie the Pooh Cake

Winnie the Pooh is known as the sweetest and most innocent cartoon character. If you are looking for a cute cartoon character for your kid’s birthday cake, then nothing is better than Winnie the Pooh. This cake can bring an amazing grin to your baby’s face.

Mickey Mouse Cake

Mickey Mouse cartoon is still known as the best cartoon, and it has successfully ruled over all other shows. Kids from all over the world love this cartoon. Mickey Mouse costumes are quite famous among kids and their key preference for fancy dress shows.

You must order Mickey Mouse Cake on your kid’s birthday as this cake can bring a graceful smile to his face. Remember; planning a ‘Mickey Mouse’ theme for your birthday will work as the cherry on the top.

Doraemon Cake

Boys love every single character and gadget of Doraemon cartoon. Kids watch this cartoon before going to school and start their homework after watching them in the evening.

So, your kid loves Doraemon too? Why don’t you order this lip-smacking cake with all the special Doraemon characters on it? Trust us; your kid will fall in love with the cake.

Ben Ten Cake

Every kid’s hobby is collecting Ben Ten stickers and watches as they attract kids a lot. So, if your kid loves the Ben Ten cartoon, then ordering ‘Ben Ten Cake’ on his 10th birthday is an incredible and unique idea to consider.

Avenger Cake

Kids live in their fantasy world where they rule their kingdom. Avenger cartoon cake is simply perfect for your baby boy if he loves Avenger cartoon and all his character.

Motu Patlu Cake

This Indian cartoon show has gained massive recognition in the past few years. Both friends entrap in different troubles and try to resolve them amusingly. You kid will love ‘Motu Patlu Cake’ if he is a fan of this hilarious TV show.

Always Pick a Special Cake for Your Kid’s Special Day

Kids are innocent. All they want is love and attention to win their hearts. No denial; surprising them with their favorite cartoon character cake on their birthday is the best way to make them happy. So, choose any of the cakes mentioned above and make your kid’s birthday a little more special.


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