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Today’s Era is of Digital Business Card And Its Advantages

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Digital business cards are the newest fad in the industry. Technologies have exploded in recent years, with the smartphone dominating in this regard. This extremely competitive digital market calls for digital business card, which are the perfect solution. Using your smartphone, you may share your information with only a few taps.

Many individuals desire to exchange their business data in a simple and safe environment. As a result, they’re gaining ground in the marketplace. Humans are becoming more and more dependent on technology, which means that some behaviours must be altered to accommodate new trends and the current digital era. In the Qard, you can share your contact in an unlimited way through any digital media, such as WhatsApp, social networks, SMS messages, e-mail and more.

The following are the benefits of digital business cards and why they are becoming more popular:

Enhanced Preservation of Business Cards Delivered And Received

The majority of traditional business cards are thrown away, with 88 per cent of them being abandoned. As a result, not only is there no place to keep and arrange things, but also the person who provided it has no interest in it. Consequently, when the individual wants the contact, they can’t find it.
As a result of digital business cards, you are able to save them on your phone easily. They’ll be easy to discover, anytime you need them!

Eco-friendly and sustainable

The digital business card saves 10 trees for every 1000 consumers. The use of digital cards, on the other hand, will assist to conserve the environment for you and your organisation.


You may make a call, write an email or log into social networks with just a single click. You’ll be able to make phone calls much more easily now, and you won’t risk making an unwanted call by dialling the wrong number accidentally.

Limitless Sharing

Let’s say you’re at a party and you run into someone. Someone asks for your professional contact after you disclose your work. However, after a thorough search of your pockets and purse, it becomes apparent that your business cards are missing. You lose a potential customer or lead because of this oversight. In contrast, if you had digital business cards, you wouldn’t be in this situation, as you’d always have them with you on your cell phone.

Easily Changeable

Ordering new business cards and throwing away the old ones would be necessary if the phone number or any other information changed. Making these modifications is easier and faster with the digital card because it’s immediate. There is no need to wait for your new cards. Also, it’s cost-effective, as you won’t have to print any more cards. Using them is also better for the environment since you won’t have to throw away old playing cards anymore!

Good Impression

A unique and innovative method to show your digital business card will leave a lasting impact.
No, I have something better, when someone asks whether you have a business card with you. Your digital business card is now ready to be seen. This remark grabs the other person’s attention and is a great way to start a discussion.

Leads to Better Business Opportunities

You may share your cards with individuals who live far away from you since they’re digitally stored on a computer system. In this way, your network expands and is not limited to people who are already familiar with you or those who are close to you. You will be able to share your data over the internet, such as WhatsApp, social networks, e-mail and SMS messages, in order to provide your data.

When you consider all of the benefits of digital business cards, it’s apparent that it’s worth getting one. While there are numerous firms that offer this service, we are among them! To get started, Visit the qard.in to get started.


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