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Tips & Tricks That Will Benefit Your Photography Business

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Becoming a photographer is easy on the surface, especially if you are talented and have a good eye. Additionally, it does not take much to procure a good camera and other related equipment at a good price if you know where to shop. The challenges come with growing and sustaining the business. 60% of photographers drop out of the business after their first year, and 25% more do not last after their second year. You do not have to be part of these statistics if you implement the below tips and tricks that will benefit your photography business.

Grow Your Presence on Social Media

Social media is all the rage these days. Billions around the world have a profile on at least one social media platform. In 2020, surveys showed that 3.96 billion people worldwide were regularly engaging on social media. In 2021, the number of users on social media climbed to 4.48 billion. Due to its popularity, social media is a goldmine for reaching prospects that you can turn into paying customers. When growing your social media presence, you must:

  • Regularly showcase your work and invite people to comment with their opinions.
  • Regularly engage with your following by responding to their comments and answering messages.
  • Join a variety of networking groups.
  • Create eye-catching videos featuring customers who used your services.
  • Host contests to enable your following to have a chance to win something valuable, such as a free photo shoot or elegant prints.

Once you put these social media tips into practice, you will experience success in no time.

Offer a Photography Mini Session

Many people know to book a photographer for an event that lasts for hours, such as a wedding or special. Few ever consider booking photography mini sessions to capture a memorable moment, such as getting a family portrait. Alongside your offerings for major events, put some emphasis on offerings for small sessions. You can price these at around $100 which is an affordable and fair price. To get people interested in booking small sessions, showcase some of your work from these sessions on your website and your social media profiles.

Create a Referral Program for Your Photography Business

Referral programs are a great way to keep loyal customers and gain new ones. Satisfied customers can refer their friends and family to receive discounts. Once a customer refers a family member or friend, you can offer a discount for a future session, or you can decide to give away stunningly beautiful prints at unbeatable prices. If a customer refers to a large number of people, you may consider offering a free session to show your thanks. Do not offer discounts or freebies until referrals have actually booked and paid for your services and prints. This way, you do not lose money.

Have Contests to Win Free Photo Shoots

Everyone loves a good contest, especially if one results in winning valuable freebies. To enter your contest, have participants give you their email. When participants give you their emails, opt them in to receive your newsletter. This way, you can notify winners of their prizes and grow your customer base. You can offer freebies to first, second and third place winners, and you can offer small discounts to everyone else who did not win just to show them your thanks for entering.

Offer Free Photography for a Cause

What better way to get publicity for your business than to offer free photography for a cause. To do this, you need to look up a variety of nonprofit organizations in your area and check their schedules for upcoming charitable events. Once you find events for causes that interest you, contact the organizations hosting these events and offer to shoot photos for free. Offering free photography is a good way to get your name out there because many will notice you and talk about the work you do. Additionally, you can post photos on your social media profiles from these events and get double the publicity.

Conclusion to Expand Your Photography Business

Implementing these tips and tricks for your photography business will guarantee your success in the industry. You do not have to be among the statistics of those who failed. As a matter of fact, your business will last for years to come, and you will be memorable to many.


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