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Tips To Secure A Mining Career

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You have heard of the exciting career growth opportunities the mining industry has to offer. You have also heard that the salary is great and there are countless chances to travel the world. Australia’s mining sector is booming for example. However, the question that is in your mind is “how do I get my first job?”

If you’ve just completed an engineering degree.

Come up with a maximum of five of the biggest accomplishments you have had at the university or, even better, in your professional work.

Another important tip is to repeatedly mention any specific qualifications that you have attained in your CV/resume. However, do not repeat it more than three or four times. Look for a popular way to phrase your qualifications because internal and external recruiters are likely to search for potential work skills using certain keywords.

Maintain an updated LinkedIn profile. You are likely to receive numerous calls if you have provided sufficient information on your qualifications, skills, and work experience. Additionally, a profile picture that portrays you as approachable and professional will greatly increase your chances of landing the job.

Show up for trade fairs and mining events – you can easily find a good number of events and forums to expose yourself to the right opportunities. If such events are happening nearby and you can easily access them, then there is no reason not to attend and meet the people working in the industry. Please visit EventsMine to see a detailed list of upcoming events.

If your career prospect is in open cast mining, you might want to consider working and gaining experience in underground work where there is lesser competition. Often, it is the dedication to learn and do extra that shows your professional commitment and boosts your chances of landing another future role.

Also, provide your employment and contact details to mining companies and, if possible, continually engage their internal recruiters to show your zeal for the job and understanding of the skills and knowledge required for a given position. That way, you could become their next intern.

If you don’t have a degree yet

To begin with, you will have determine if you are cut out for work in the mining industry. For example, if you do not reside in a mining district, region or country, you will need to relocate or contend with spending many days away from home.

Not everyone is naturally able and suited to work in a mining site. Many opinions towards the profession are swayed by its high earning potential, with many jumping in two feet without first deliberating on the suitability of a mining job to their lifestyles. If you can, talk to people working in mining to understand what it is like working in the industry.

Your employer will do their best to provide the best working environment for you. However, it is impossible to alter the weather conditions or avoid the physical demands of many mining roles. You will need to determine if spending long durations from family and friends, enduring extreme weather conditions and physical work is the right thing for you.

It is possible for job seekers to secure a mining job without any particular qualifications. Nonetheless, it is great to note that even the most menial jobs need a certain level of safety training and qualification, among other certifications. The best approach is to study the requirements for the open post.

You might also want to consider online lessons where much of the training can be conducted online. Online training provides an easy advantage over your competitors who have not had similar training whatsoever.

Another noteworthy point to remember is that mining companies have a tendency of recruiting internally before advertising to the public or hiring an external recruiter/agency. For this reason, putting one of your foot inside the organization could very well line you up for a higher job position in future.

It may seem expected for a recruitment agency to tell you that without experience in mining many consultants will be unable to help you find a job. We may want to help as many people possible secure jobs, however, potential employers tend to recruit entry-level staff for themselves, as opposed to using specialist recruiters to hire high-demand skills.

You have to network as much as you can. As far as this tip is concerned, the old adage fits; “it is not what you know but who you know…” In some instances, mining professionals have begun their careers as service people on the mining site; knowing the people who run mining sites can open opportunities for future employment.

At the same time, starting off in service roles such as cleaning of catering is not entirely bad because the pay can still be good.

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