Tips To Maintain Your Flat Roof

Flat Roof

The roofs that have a pitch that is lesser than fifteen degrees are known as flat roofs. Plenty of commercial areas have these flat roofs on their premises. You can also spot them in your house, in one or two spots, along with the place where they are an extension put in. Same as the roofs that are pitched normally, the flat roofs should also last for years if you take proper care of these roofs and follow the right maintenance rules.

A wide range of materials are used for the flat roofs, some are:

 Mastic asphalt
 Tort on felt and felt
 Fibreglass and GRP
 TPO, PVC or EPDM single-ply membrane

The roofs that are usually made using roll bitumen are extremely prone to damage and with time you may face some common problems. The new roofs that are made using the GRP and EPDM have a guarantee of nearly 25-30 years or more.

The first thing that one should do to keep their flat roof in good condition is to check it regularly. When you do so you can see the areas that need to be repaired before it goes out of your hands. If you have an old roof in your house that doesn’t look like it is in a good condition, it is advised to change it and upgrade to a new one.

Problems With Low Maintained Flat Roofs

We all should take proper care of the flat roofs so that it lasts long. Flat roof repairs are necessary when you think it has some damaged spots, regular maintenance can save you from the common issues that you face with a poorly maintained roof. Some issues that you may end up facing if you do not maintain your roof are:

Ponding: At times you may notice water puddles on the roof. The water gets collected rather than draining itself. This happens when the roof is damaged and doesn’t have a proper drainage system.

Splitting: Our roofs have to face all kinds of weather situations. Chilly winter weather can cause splitting in your roof but you can also have these on your roof if it is not maintained properly or installed in the wrong way. The surface also gets damaged if you have walked on the top of the roof a few times.

Blistering: This is one of the most common damages that flat roofs have. This usually happens when air gets trapped below the top layer of the roof. You will find blisters developing and when these are punctured the underlying layer of the roof is exposed. This can make the roof weaker and it will eventually wear out with time.

How To Maintain Your Flat Roof?

There are certain points that you should keep in mind while maintaining your flat roof. This way you can stay away from costly repairs and your roof will last for long.
 Always remove the leaves and debris that gets collected on the roof.
 Check before you stand on the flat roof. The reason is that the roof may not be constructed to take your weight and will eventually break.
 It is also advised to check your roof after a heavy snowfall or storm.
 Call for a specialist or an expert from the roof repair service companies immediately, if you see bonding, splitting or blistering on your roofs. They are trained to solve these problems and will save you from future damage costs.
 If you have a branch of a tree over the roof, it is good to cut the branch off so that your roof doesn’t have leaves and debris in the first place. Also, it will save you from the risk of damage that can occur if the branch breaks and falls on the roof.

These are some ways you can keep your flat roof in good condition. If the condition of your roof is too bad, you should call for experts from the roofing services in Tonbridge.

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