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Tips to keep your virtual employees engaged

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As lockdown happened and work from home took over the system, it may have benefited people in its way, but it also created new challenges for the workers now and then. When discussed with a productivity expert, it came out that work from home was an option and not a choice. Also, work from home in which one has to sit in front of a computer screen continuously has created so many challenges in front of the workers such as physical discomfort like back pain and headache, lack of concentration and most importantly, keeping the employees engaged.

Most employees have reportedly complained that they have not been able to stay engaged while working online. After this, some companies have started virtual employee engagement activities. These activities may include –

  • Sending the employees a cheerful gift at their homes to energise them. You can create a fixed budget for this purpose.
  • Take small coffee breaks as offline colleges have and have some online chit chat with each other to create a relaxing environment.
  • Play online games with employees during the break so that you all can have a little happy time together.
  • We all are at home, and we do not have anyone specifically to show and tell anything. To arrange a show and tell session with your all employees in which they would show and tell whatever interesting they have.
  • Organise online training sessions from time to time so that the spirit inside them does not get dead and feel more alive and informative.
  • Take their feedbacks about work experience, such as pace of work and experiences related to attending a virtual office.

 These were some common steps that were taken or should be taken by the productivity expert of a company to keep their staff engaged, happy and positive.


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