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Tips to Improve Brand Recognition and Sales Using Custom Packaging for Apparel

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There has never been a better way to boost customer satisfaction in the apparel industry than to present the garments in enticing custom packaging. Spotting errors to avoid piling costs and improving profits is now possible!

The general notion, some decades ago, was that the boxes are discarded by customers once they open them and access the apparel items. But today, this ideology has become extinct like dinosaurs. If the current customer surveys are anything to go by, the customized packaging boxes are the most awaited part of the apparel products.

Since dealing with garments is a spontaneous job, the packaging can be used to convey how committed the brand is to provide updated items to customers. Fashion keeps changing and so do customers’ requirements. The apparel industry is not just fickle in terms of changing trends but also prone to changes in technology. For instance, e-commerce has altered the way customers generally shop. A lot of them now prefer online purchases. Hence, the packaging is one constant factor that must be kept as a permanent part of products to align them with a multitude of varying industry trends.

However, the million-dollar question is that can brands do so without pressurizing their costs and squeezing revenues? If you are a rookie in this industry or trying to manage costs more effectively, the following handy tips can surely be a life-saver:

  1. Customize the boxes to the apparel size

Using bigger containers is a waste of materials and expenses. Customers are not going to appreciate a bigger box; they agree with effective boxes that provide a good value for money. Going for customized boxes is good for lowering total material costs and proves to be more efficient in keeping the apparel products safe from potential damages.

You can take the assistance of pro custom box manufacturers to get started. They precisely measure the products to create boxes that are of the perfect dimensions. What it does to the total production costs include:

  • Compressing them by offering cheaper packaging boxes.
  • Lower waiting periods. Packaging that arrives on time keeps the production unit running and utilizes overheads more productively.
  • Reduce labor time and costs. The packages sent by box makers are easy to assemble and delivered within a short while.
  • Enable to send deliveries on time. It paves the way for more orders due to a happier customer base.

A lot of rough handling can tear the boxes and damage the contents. Fragile apparel items like shoes and accessories must be kept safe to minimize refunds and for this, a well-measured box is highly required. One-piece mailers are a good option for small to medium-sized products.

  • Present the branding elements to catch customers’ attention

Feel free to use the boxes as a branding tool. Customers who shop in stores often feel compelled to come back owing to the packaging given along their purchases. For e-customers, the packaging matters even more to persuade future orders.

Branding done on the custom packaging makes them constructive for marketing while enhancing their overall appearance. Marketing is meant to present the brand in a graphically pleasing manner. The boxes extend branding to new customers and make the existing one’s demand more.  Colorful inscriptions and texts make them a worthy spot to look at and retain by the target customers.

How does it benefit cost-savings? The boxes can be your moving advertisement billboard. Potential customers can be introduced to the brand and be familiar with it when they see the boxes time and over. This helps to save on marketing costs by replacing expensive frequent marketing gimmicks with more affordable boxes. More customers are likely to be impressed with the brand presentation and this pushes up sales revenues.

custom packaging
  • Always use reusable boxes

The era of plastic boxes has passed. Customers demand sustainable packaging materials to accompany their shopping. Using such materials helps to:

  • Cuts down on material costs and makes them available all year round.
  • Elevates the brand repute as being a responsible entity.
  • Be relevant to customers’ demands and prompt them to pick the brand for apparel shopping.
  • Mold the materials into creative shapes and print using varied printing techniques.
  • Retain the brand image in the buyers’ minds for a long time. Beautiful boxes are used for alternative uses and keep reinstating the brand image.

Making the boxes compatible with current trends saves on both the box acquisition expenses and boosts sales. Customers want to lower their carbon footprints and pick brands that offer packaging made of bio-degradable stock paper. Such materials are cheaper and can be obtained at all times.

  • Include custom box features

Spending a little more on the packaging can actually reap quicker revenues. There is a reason that bland boxes do not work anymore. There has to be an X factor in your packaging for customers to keep coming back.

It could be little inserts as welcome notes, paper wrap, thicker box cuts, inviting tag lines, colorful brand introduction, or handles and ribbons for sealing that sets the brand apart. Better boxes translate into higher customer satisfaction and demand for the brand. Apparel brands eye for better customer loyalty because that is what keeps the business afloat in this competitive industry. A memorable unboxing process can make this a reality.

Popular apparel brands like M&S and Louis Vuitton have survived decades of competition and industry dynamics by keeping a firm customer base. Their packaging is always relevant to current trends and promotes the brand image by keeping the branding elements consistent on every packaging box. Customers attach a sense of reliability and comfort when opting for these brands.

New ventures can take heed from this and invest wisely in their custom packaging boxes. It solves a plethora of business hassles including shipping and marketing while creating a niche in the apparel market.


It is never too late to generate a proficient cost structure. The above tips can lower total costs using customized versions of apparel boxes.


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