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Tips To Fix Duplicate Photos Issue on Windows 10

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 Technology has blessed us with a lot of intuitive gadgets and devices that made the world so small and handy! One such device is our smartphone that has evolved a lot in the past few years and ended the journey of other devices like camera, camcorder, radio, music player, flashlight, GPS, calculator, gaming console, scanner, barcode scanner, compass, timer, books, watch, clock, calendar, photo albums, newspaper, and more.

In the lure of a perfect selfie, we end up clicking a lot of pictures or burst shots however most of the time we tend to forget to delete the rest of the images. This creates a lot of clutter and duplicates images on our device and we end up running out of space. We transfer all this clutter on our PC to free up space on our smartphone and clutter our computer as well. Here comes the need for the best duplicate photos finder and fixer to delete duplicate photos from your Windows PC.

 Manual Method to Delete Duplicate Photos

The manual method to delete duplicate photos is tiresome and time-consuming yet can’t assure us 100% clutter-free space. We may try to find and remove duplicate photos on our Windows PC manually if we rarely transfer photos on our computer or take a backup once in a blue moon.

 Use Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer gives you an insight into all the files and folders on your hard drive. You can explore, preview, find and delete duplicate photos from different folders and sub-folders.

 Step 1. Press (Win + E) to get into Windows Explorer.

Step 2. Go to the folder where you have taken a backup of your photos.

Step 3. Open the folder and click on the View menu to select Large Icons under the Layout section.

Step 4. Check out the thumbnails of all the photos and look for duplicate photos.

Step 5. Press and hold the Ctrl key and select duplicate photos one by one. Press the Shift + Delete key to delete duplicate photos permanently from your computer.

 You can also find and delete duplicate photos by selecting the Details layout from the View menu. Here you can compare names, date modified, size and other details to look for duplicate photos. Also, perform side by side comparison by opening two interfaces of Windows Explorer and comparing different backup folders to find and remove duplicate photos on Windows 10.

 Use Google Photos

 Google Photos is one of the most important apps of the Google Family. You get 15 GB of free space on your Google Account that you can utilize using Google Drive or Google Photos.

Google Photos has an intuitive feature of eliminating duplicate photos. Whenever you try and upload photos on Google Photos, it doesn’t upload any duplicate images and only uploads the unique ones.

 Step 1. Open your browser and log in to your Google Account.

Step 2. Click on the Google Apps icon on the right-hand side top and select the ‘Photos’ tab in the left-hand side panel.

Step 3. Click on the Upload option on the top and select the folder that has all your photos.

Step 4. Once you upload the photos, Google Photos will automatically leave all the found duplicates behind and will upload unique photos only.

Step 5. Once the photos are uploaded, count them and compare them with the count of photos in the Windows Explorer folder. It will be lessor than the photos uploaded on Google Photos Album.

Step 6. Now you can download all the photos in a new folder on your computer that has just the unique photos. You can now delete the old folder that has mixed photos.

“Please Note: Google Photos can’t find accurate results and only finds similar or exact duplicate photos. If the photos are edited, modified, resized, or cropped, it will not be listed out using the Google Photos App.”

 Expert’s Choice

 Since the manual method can’t assure you satisfactory results, experts don’t rely on them. You can’t handle multiple photo albums or professional photos with different image file extensions manually. You’ll need the best duplicate photo finder and remover to clean your photo albums and eliminate duplicate photos from multiple folders and sub-folders.

We have tested, compared, and reviewed dozens of duplicate photo finders and listed the best one that can really find and remove duplicate photos and regain access to a chunk of free space.

 Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

 Product Name: Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP (SP1)

Other OS Compatibility: MacOS 10.7+, Android 4.0+, iOS 8 & above, iPhoto 9.0+

Buy it For: Free Trial / USD $39.95 for Windows & Mac

Download Link: Get it Now

File Size: 5.8 MB

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is one of the best duplicate photo finders that you can use for Windows 10 and earlier versions. It is also compatible with macOS, Android, iOS and other devices to find and remove duplicate photos from internal/external HDD, SSD, 4K Drive, Pen Drive, SD Card, or other storage devices just with a single click. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro supports different image file formats and is compatible with Cloud Storage space like Google Drive or Dropbox.

You can easily scan and find duplicate photos using this intuitive duplicate photo finder and list out all the duplicates for removal. It shows group-wise results so that you can preview and select the ones that need to be removed. Just with a single click, you can remove all the found duplicates from the scanned folders. It takes a backup of the images that are getting removed for accidental recovery. You can also organize your photos wisely using Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro.

 Summing Up

 Duplicate photos are nothing but unwanted clutter for your storage that occupies a lot of space and can’t be removed easily. The manual processes can only help users with one or two folders or people who don’t take random backup of storage devices. For processionals, it is strongly recommended to use one of the best duplicate photo finders to find and delete duplicate photos just with a single click. Use Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro to find and eliminate duplicate photos from your Windows PC. Keep it Clean!


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