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Tips To Book Hotels In Dubai 2021

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Dubai offers many choices to book hotels if you are planning to visit. To be exact, there are more than 680. Picking a hotel to stay at is a difficult task. It can also be time-consuming and overwhelming. Here’s a solution to your dilemma.

I share some tips and tricks that you can use when narrowing down the list to book hotels in Dubai. I’m sure you will be grateful that you booked a wonderful tour with me in the old town. This is just a matter of fact.


This may sound obvious, but it really means many things. While many hotels are close to the Burj Khalifa/ Dubai Mall are excellent, they are quite far from the beach. While many hotels near the Palm Jumeirah or beach are amazing, they are not close to the malls. In many cases, tourists will need to use cabs to travel around. It can be costly. 

According to me, you should choose your hotel based in the areas that you intend to spend the most time and do the most activities. You don’t need to shop a lot, so stick with the beachy resorts. Staying closer to shopping areas is a good option if you intend to shop and eat out regularly. Remember that you will find many hotels close to the main attractions. This means that you could save on hotel costs by accumulating taxi fares.

Views & Noise

Sometimes, hotels will post amazing photos that aren’t updated often or were taken from specific vantage points on their websites. Even though the view may be stunning, there may have been construction nearby. You may end up looking at scaffolding. 

Your stay could be affected by noise pollution if your room faces a main road or close to a construction site. Ask your hotel before you go if there are any issues that could affect your experience. To ensure a great experience, formal communication is essential.


Some hotels in the city offer free transportation to designated stops. These stops include the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai, Deira City Center in Deira City Center, as well as metro stations. This is great because it saves you money on cab fare. However, you should always ask your hotel concierge for information about bus schedules. 

You should remember that schedules don’t always run on time. If you are planning to visit Burj Khalifa or another attraction, leave enough time. Most hotels charge extra for airport pick ups and drop offs. However, there are a few 5* properties that provide this service for no additional cost.


Many hotels will offer guests free high-speed internet (or WIFI) in their rooms. However, they often forget to mention that WIFI access is limited to the lobby only and not to guest rooms. You will have to sign up for one of their packages if you wish to connect multiple devices. It is best to clarify this with the hotel before you book, as additional charges may apply.


This is another obvious one. However, I mean getting the most value for your travel dollars, or dirham in this case. It doesn’t matter if your hotel choice is just affordable. Avoid focusing on a specific area or number as there may be hidden advantages such as great locations close to major sights or transportation systems.


Different hotel rooms have different rates. Some include or exclude breakfast. AED 125 per person is an average hotel extra which covers standard breakfast buffet plus coffee/tea. Another option is to eat outside in one of Dubai’s many restaurants, cafes or food courts. The buffet breakfast is an option for travelers who want to enjoy their meals right away, but it can be expensive.

Enjoy complimentary benefits

This goes hand-in-hand with value. However, I am not mentioning this separately because these hotels go the extra mile and offer extra something. Some hotels in main cities, for example, don’t have beach access. 

These hotels may be able to offer their guests transportation to and from sister hotels or access to the beaches and pools of sister hotels. Some perks include free access to water parks, such as Wild Wadi access offered by the Jumeirah Group hotel. You should ask ahead to reap the benefits, so that you make the most out of your holiday.


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