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Tips for Travelling with diamond and other Jewellery

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Travelling with diamond and other jewellery involves a lot of management, organization and application of time-saving hacks and skillfully crafted techniques to save one from last-minute hassle and trouble. Jewellery pieces are quite delicate and are composes of quite small parts. Misplacing a single part of the piece can lead to a huge loss. Also, jewellery made of rare and exquisite gemstones and metals is quite expensive, thus losing them is a big financial disadvantage. Thus to protect one from a big loss, it is better to cautiously carry jewellery while travelling, to protect them from any damage or losing them.

It is also essential

that while travelling one must carry those jewel pieces which are to be pair with different attires. Carrying unnecessary and unwanted accessories will do more bad than good. Also maintaining a list of items which one is carrying is a good step to avoid hassle at any moment while travelling.

Below listed are some ways to keep the jewellery organized and protect them from further damage-

  • To save necklaces from tangling, use straws to keep the necklace in the correct shape. It keeps one side rigid and tangle-free.
  • A travel jewellery roll keeps jewellery safe and organized in the luggage bag. It is composed of a lot of compartments and can store a lot of delicate pieces and sets.
  • Craft organizers and bead containers can hold tiny earrings and rings without misplacing them. Many online jewellery companies dispatch their diamond earrings, diamond rings online packed in bead containers.
  • Pairing earrings through the holes of large buttons and sealing the back is an excellent option to carry earrings while travelling. Further, wrap the buttons in a plastic zip-lock bag or small cloth for added protection.

A jewellery box organizer

is a smart way to keep all the jewellery organized and protected in a single place. They will also protect the jewel pieces from getting damaged by the other contents packed in the luggage. Carrying the box is not a big deal because of its zipper seal feature. A jewellery box is one of the best ways to carry designer diamond jewellery.

  • If the jewellery isn’t expensive and is low maintenance, one can opt for a soft pouch jewellery holder. The pouch holder is easy to make, only a bit of rope and quality fabric is required to prepare the pouch.
  • A paper roll is a handy case to store light jewellery pieces like earrings, necklaces and pendants. Fill the roll about half full to avoid overflowing.
  •  Keeping earrings organized by using a safety pin to poke holes through an index card, followed by inserting the earrings and sealing the backs. Through this, the earrings won’t get twisted and their shape remains intact. This way is adopted by many people to carry designer diamond earrings with a hoop.
  • Also, remember to carry a polishing cloth or a cleaning fabric while going on a trip. These are ideal to clean the jewel pieces before wearing them.
  • A pearl folder can be a great option for protecting designer diamond and gold jewel pieces like necklaces, pearls and other sets from scratches and bruises.
  •  Always store jewellery in a safe and secure place when residing in a hotel or a cottage. It is best to lock the jewellery in a safe cupboard of the room one is residing in. Many resorts and hotels offer safety locks within the room to the customers to store and safeguard expensive jewellery and other valuable resources.

It is also seen

that many acclaimed firms sell their designer diamond jewellery by applying some of the techniques listed.

While removing jewellery for whatever reason in the washroom, changing room or any place in the hotel or while travelling in a car, remember to put it into the carry bag and not in any bin or bowl. Generally, when one is in a hurry, he/she may forget to put it back in a safe place which can lead to big trouble.

Lastly, try to carry staple, minimal and selective jewellery pieces while travelling. It is better to carry those pieces with which one finds maximum comfort in. Also, try not to overload a single pouch/jewellery box with a lot of jewellery pieces. Carry them in different pouches and boxes to avoid any loss.


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