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Tips for the upkeep of your straw hats

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Straw hats or Panama hats are finely woven and light-colored hats freely available in the market. Straw helps in manufacturing these hats primarily from the palm plant. They are attractive for their lightweight shape and breathability. They are not only a practical choice but also a fashionable option. If you want to hit the hot weather with something stylish, you must try out Panama hats. These are not gender-specific. Hence, both women, as well as men, can choose this headwear for creating different styles. All you need to do is mix and match different types with colors. However, you have to ensure its proper maintenance.

Since these hats are delicate, they require special maintenance and handling. For keeping your hats attractive and stylish for a long time, you will have to follow some guidelines. When you know the best way of taking care of hats, you will get the best return on your investment. Hats are not only a style symbol, but they will take your personality to another level.

Discovering facts regarding the history of Panama hats

You may be thinking that Panama hats originated in Panama. However, they have their origin in Ecuador. Ever since the early 1600s, this headwear made its first impression. The industry gradually expanded and brought millions of individuals within its influence. The 19th century gave a boost to the use of these hats that too in different parts of the globe. Different stories reveal the practical usage of Panama hats among gold miners. They used these hats to protect themselves from the scorching sun and other weather extremes. These hats were initially handwoven.

However, with the advent of industries, they are now machine manufactured. The excellent weaving of these hats will amaze you. You will find multiple choices in terms of the color, shape, and structure of Panama hats. Although they are very similar to fedora hats, they have a distinct look.

Your basic hat care routine

Purchasing anything requires constant maintenance. By following some general tips, you can keep your hats trendy. However, it is not that easy. For this, you will have to follow the below-given points:

•    Avoid water: As illustrated in earlier paragraphs, straw hats were basically for protection from the sun. However, womens top hat has evolved its style over the years. Nonetheless, you will have to keep in mind that moisture is undesirable. It may lead to dangerous consequences. It will damage the fiber and create swelling. Hence, it will eventually lose shape and may also cause rot.

•    Careful handling: Regular use of the hat may loosen the fiber. However, regular maintenance and proper handling are fundamental if you want to preserve that shape. Never hold the headwear from the brim. Always clasp it from the crown. Remember that if the straw breaks, it will damage the look. For straightening the hat’s brim, try to handle it by the crease. You must also check the instruction labels that come with the lid. You can iron most of the hats available in the market. However, take care of the temperature setting.

•    Storage of the hat: You will have to store the headwear in a dry and cool place. Since straw is its fundamental fiber, it is vulnerable to high temperatures. When you leave it in a hot spot for a long time, it may develop discoloration. Moreover, it may also develop cracks and dry out. Storing the hat in a cool and dry place is the only option left in front of you. When you are storing it, place it upside down. Since straw is a natural fiber, it is susceptible to moisture. The damp environment may develop mold or rot that will affect the fiber in the long run.

•    Cleaning of the hat: When you are done wearing your hat, wipe it with the help of a soft and dry cloth. It will help in reducing dust and dirt. Using a plain white rug for cleaning the hat is the only option. You can do this for your synthetic material hat or natural straw hats.

When you are cleaning your Panama hats, use mild natural detergent. Using the usual detergent will only damage the fiber. Why not keep it away from sweat and rain? When your accessories stay in good order, you will not have to worry about their look. It will suit your apparel as well as the event you are attending.

Since Panama hats are decent for formal as well as informal occasions, you can carry them anywhere. You can also use them for your business meetings and pair them up with your suit. However, when you are purchasing this headwear, get it from a reputable store. Along with this, give attention to the standard maintenance guidelines that come with it.


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