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 Tips For The College Commuter

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 1. Pros And Cons Of College Dorm Life Vs Commuter

Living in a college dorm offers an invaluable service to underclassmen as students get their bearings in an environment without the formal rules that they might have lived under when living in their parents’ house. With few, if any, rules students are free to express themselves and explore their identities with little supervision or even interference. College dormitories offer a safe haven for students who might otherwise have been ridiculed or bullied in their home environment. Living in college dorms also offers an opportunity for students to network with other like-minded individuals to help them further their education. This is perhaps one of the best pros of living in college dorms.

The greatest advantage offered by living in a college dorm is the opportunity to socialize. Living in a dorm room allows students to meet and make new friends from big cities like New York, to farm communities in Ohio. In a campus social scene, there is typically a lot of group activity that requires a lot of focus. However, living in a dorm room means there are fewer distractions, so you have a better chance to focus on what you want to do. There will be no more television, computer, or video games to distract you as you slumber through your classes.

Another benefit of living in a dorm is the increased space. Living in a small apartment can make you feel claustrophobic and crowded. Living in a large apartment allows you to spread out. This helps to avoid feeling too close to your fellow students and makes meeting new people a lot easier. On the flip side, living in a large dorm room also means you have to share your quarters with more people; this may be inconvenient and cause some jealousy.

Statistically, the chances of getting a decent GPA and ultimately graduating are increased by having a dorm to call home. It is no secret that the first year of college is very hard, but if you put yourself through the experience, the rest will be a lot less difficult.

As previously mentioned, dorm life can be stressful. If you are planning on living off-campus, however, you may be able to reduce some of the stress caused by having to study with so many other people. Dorms are not right for everybody, but if you are at all intimidated by living in such a small space, then living in one is certainly a step up from other options, albeit at a higher rate.

Of course, one of the big downsides to living in a dorm is the cost. Even though you might not have to pay for Illuminating Company electricity, it can be more expensive than many other options.  At Ohio State, for example, dorm costs run from around $3,500 – $4,500 per semester, and that is before you purchase a dining plan.   If you live at home, you may be able to avoid paying for most of your food, electricity, gas, and other utilities.  Your parents will probably just absorb many of the costs that you would otherwise have for yourself if you were on your own.  So, if money is a primary concern, or if you are looking for a part-time college experience, then commuting may be for you. 

 2. College Commuting Tips  

Commuting to college brings some benefits and some drawbacks. For some, commutes may take only a few minutes while for others, it may take an hour or more. Regardless of the length of time commutes take, it’s important to remain organized so as to manage your commute time in the most efficient manner possible. Here are some tips on commuting more efficiently:

One of the best tips on commuting is planning for your commute in advance. There are many options for transportation to get to school.  If you can use public transportation, a bus, train, or subway, it may be possible for you to do quite a bit of study along the way.  Most college campuses in Ohio and elsewhere place a huge premium on parking.  So if at all possible, don’t plan on driving to school.  If you must drive, try to find a carpool to commute to.

If you are commuting to campus, you may need to put extra effort into becoming integrated into campus life.  Consider participating in study groups, clubs, or even a fraternity or sorority to get a dose of campus life that you might otherwise miss.

 3. College Survival Tips 

Even if you decide to forgo the dorm, and commute, that does not mean you have to live at home. A great way to save money your first year is to rent an apartment off-campus and have a roommate to split costs. Whether you are living in a dorm or commuting from a shared apartment you have with friends, having a roommate can help you save a significant amount of money on your rent and First Energy Ohio electricity bills.

If you are living with your parents you may not have to worry about expenses such as rent or utilities but if you want to practice budgeting for housing and your First Energy utility bill then you can start paying your parents a portion of the bill to give you an idea on what kind of money you will need to save.


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