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Tips for creating a good website

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So you want to create a website. You have an idea that needs to be shared with the world or You have a product that everyone should buy, right? You will need a good website to provide potential customers with information. According to Technasite, you should get a website audit done to identify and fix issues on your website. However, you should also know all the ingredients for creating a good website. Relying on website audits is not always a good idea.

 Here are some tips to help you create a successful website:

Tip #1 – Start with a clear vision

Visitors don’t want to guess where to go and what to click. Create a clear navigation map of your site before you get started. This is not a scavenger hunt—help your visitors get where they need to go quickly.

Tip #2 – Use conversational English

Your visitors didn’t come to your site to read a term paper or a research project (unless your site actually is a term paper or a research project), so write as though you are talking directly to your visitor. Use second-person language like “you” and “we” in a friendly, informal tone.

Tip #3 – Remember SEO

You might have the best website in the world, but if no one can find it…well…you know. Your SEO practices can provide a huge return on your investment of time.

Tip #4 – Provide the information people want

Who, what, when, where, why, and how? Be transparent and comprehensive.

Tip #5 – Don’t go spinning

Be honest and be real. Help your visitors make an educated decision with all the facts they need to do so. Include statistics and relevant examples and illustrations.

Tip #6 – Concise home page

Get to the point. How will what you are offering on your site help your website visitor? Include 2-4 links to the most commonly visited portions of your site.

Tip #7 – Create unique landing pages

Not everyone needs to enter through the front door. Create other entrance points for specific visitors seeking specific information or products.

Tip #8 – Use pictures and diagrams

Stories told in text are boring. Stories told visually are engaging. The better your photos, the more you will sell and the more engaged your visitors will be.

Tip #9 – Build Trust

Help your visitor get to know you and trust you through a quality “About Us” page, a nice photo, a brief history of your business, and inspiring testimonials.

Tip #10 – Stay up-to-date

Nobody wants to read an out-of-date site. Continually update, add content, and remove anything the is obsolete or no longer relevant.

Tip #11 – Use a clean, uncluttered layout

Remember, you don’t want your visitors to have guess where to go or dig around a confusing layout to get where they want to go. The more intuitive your layout, the better, so your visitors can feel comfortable while visiting your digital home.

Tip #12 – Make yourself easily available

Put you contact information in easy to find places, perhaps in the footer of every page, so that people can easily contact you. Don’t make them work hard to find you.


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