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Tips For Buying Lab Grown Diamonds

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Begin by conducting testing to ensure that the diamond you are buying is lab grown. Any lab created diamonds can be purchased directly over the internet, so make sure the company is trustworthy. Some firms use deceptive details to sell simulants under the guise of lab created diamonds, which can be very confusing.

Diamonds produced in a laboratory, developed in a laboratory, or synthesized have the same optical, physical, and chemical properties as mined diamonds. The only major difference between a lab created and a mined diamond is that one forms in a stable atmosphere in a laboratory while the other forms over time in an unregulated environment in Earth. Raw and lab created diamonds are also true diamonds.

Your lab created diamond should be graded by a reputable laboratory such as the IGI, EGL, or GIA.

Lab created diamonds will cost up to 30% less than an equal earth-mined diamond. If what you’re buying costs hundreds of dollars rather than thousands, it’s most definitely not a lab created gem.


At the moment, lab created diamonds are not available in every form or size. Learn about her preferences, and then look into the lab created diamonds that are available. The size and shape of the diamond will influence the ring style you choose. If she has expressed a need for a larger (over 1.50ct) cushion cut, you might need to look beyond the box and choose a circular-cut package in a cushion halo.

Know the 4C’s

When buying a lab grown or natural diamond, the four C’s (color, cut, clarity, and carat weight) are crucial. The 4 C’s are how you can determine the quality of your diamond as well as its price. While the four C’s are important, each grade is unique to each diamond since each diamond is unique.

The carat size, cut, color, and clarity of your lab grown diamond engagement ring will decide the price. The shape of your engagement ring is the most significant consideration because it influences its appearance and other facets.

Diamond Fluorescence & Color

Lab created diamonds are available in several colors, including yellow, brown, and pink, providing you with alternatives to white. Fancy color lab grown diamonds are available at a fraction of the cost of their earth mined equivalents, with much greater savings as compared to colorless lab grown diamonds.

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