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In sm custom packaging we work together with the perfect design for the fact many customers as custom cardboard boxes to offer. The possible uses of wrapping paper start with the packaging of food such as donuts, burgers, sandwiches, cheese and end with packaging paper for shoes. We have already made over 2000 designs for the wrapping paper and wanted to show you a few different examples to inspire you.

We show you simple designs but also various colorful designs. We hope that you can be inspired and maybe even find just the right thing for your product and business.

Standard designs for our wrapping paper designs

Let’s start with our standard designs for our parchment paper, which makes up 70% of the parchment paper designs we manufacture the CUSTOM CONSUMER PACKAGING FOR PRODUCT. The reason so many designs are made in this style is that customers see the logo when the paper is used to wrap or hang up the food.

The main thing that this type of design represents is that the logo is often placed over the paper and placed either horizontally or diagonally.

Horizontal print for wrapping paper design

One of the reasons so many of our customers choose to have their logo printed vertically is because, whether it is used for food wrapping or for serving food on paper, it is easy to have the logo all over the paper to see. This is especially beneficial when the paper is being used to serve food as customers would have to see the paper from the side if the logos were tilted. This way the logos point towards the customer and not in other directions.

Diagonal print for paper design

Printing the logos diagonally rather than vertically is an easy way to spice up the design without much effort and not to make the design look too simple and boring. The design approach is also very cool when the paper is being used to wrap food like wraps, sandwiches, and others as when wrapping round items it can sometimes be vertical so the logos are easy to see.

Tight pressure

This type of design is heavily inspired by our standard designs, but the print is much denser. Also, some of the designs using this approach might just be the logo printed very close to each other. Personally, I’m a fan of these designs, especially when the logo and other design elements are mixed in. Then it is a little more creative and special than the standard designs.

Illustrative print with logo

Sometimes it is best to let your creativity run free to get the best design on your grocery paper. However, when it comes to creativity, remembering consistency is important as it will make customers remember you. The designs you will see below took the principle of mixing design elements and their logo on paper to the next level and made several design elements easy to remember.

Illustrative print

The logo isn’t always the best way to showcase your product and get your customers to remember you. This is especially the case if you have design elements or symbols that are more important to the design than your logo. I especially like this approach when it comes to serving food on parchment paper. The examples below show all of the companies that use their paper to serve food, and they have mainly created their designs using elements that represent their business.

Special background

The parchment paper is usually printed on either white or Kraft paper. However, some customers prefer a specific background color that matches their company’s key colors. Just as often, they don’t actually want colors, but rather images that they would like to have printed as a background. Regardless of what background we print, it is always a matter of logos, elements, or images.

Different Designs on one print

The great thing about parchment paper is that it can be cut out in almost any size, and that is what some brands choose for their design process. This enables them to come up with designs that are suitable for different purposes of the paper.

This is also an opportunity for you if you want different designs of the paper you use to wrap your food, or if you just have different types of food that need to be wrapped with multiple designs. if

Colorful print

The last category is mostly about showing what you can print on grocery paper – it’s not something we print very often, but it is possible. If you are using this very colorful approach, I would recommend that you be very picky about colors and mainly use colors that have meaning to your business. Otherwise, the key colors may be overlooked as there are so many things that can grab the customer’s attention. Feel free to take a look at some of the different designs.


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