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Tips For Adding A Personal Touch To Any Headstone

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We all want to do something special and personal Touch to honor our departed loved ones. This is the best way to comfort those left behind grieving and mourning the loss. This is the best way to keep and appreciate the departed soul and attain internal satisfaction for the ones left behind. 

Choosing the best final resting place to add personal touches to the headstones or grave markers is the possible way to honor your loved ones. Special headstones have always been a thing of the past, with characters and inscriptions engraved befitting the person the headstone is meant for. 

However, sometimes it becomes difficult to come up with unique and new ideas to honor the departed soul better. Here are the tips to act upon to add a special personal touch to the headstone of your loved one. 

Put Cemetery Vases

Leaving flowers on the person’s grave has become an extremely important and popular custom in many cultures to honor the one you are visiting. Most people like and feel satisfied buying the favorite flowers of the one resting when visiting the grave. These flowers are out on the graves and left to dry up and wait for someone to put them away or for the wind to blow them from there. 

Putting the cemetery vases for your convenience and the ease of others visiting the grave will be a great idea. It will ensure a place to firmly place the flowers and beautifully adorn the area when fresh and after drying up. 

Engraved Quotes 

Modern headstones and technological advancements allow one to engrave pretty inscriptions, quotes, symbols, and even pictures on headstones and grave markers. Gravestones have always had key information engraved on them. The epitaph inscriptions include details like a person’s name, special dates, and some quotes or verses to remember them. 

To make the inscriptions personal, you can add a quote, sentence, or saying that reminds you of the resting person. This can be their favorite dialogue from a movie, TV show, or book. It can also be the pet word or sentence the departed person used a lot in their life. This can be a simple lesson you learned from their life or action. 

Considering these aspects will make you come up with a special and unique quote, as the most famous sayings and verses have already been used. Engraving these personal verses will always bring an intended smile to your sad face when visiting the person you are missing. A unique and satisfying way to honor the lost soul. 

Headstone Photos

You can choose any photo of your loved ones and transform them into a memorial picture. These photos on the headstones will surely help the visitors remember and know how they look. A person from the next generation may find it as a source to understand what someone important in their family looked like, as visual cues are the best ways to add personal touches to anything. 

Most people chose a monochrome for this purpose, but you can choose any photo, whether it be their favorite photo or in which they were smiling the most. Even if the current headstone does not have a picture, you can always paste them into the space on the stone. 


The new granite headstones and laser engraving technology enable you to engrave fine sculptures into a monument. A statue can be any symbol or figure of their favorite animal, flower, or character, reminding you of them when visiting their final resting place. It can also be a sculpture of a person that can be busted and a simple figure from head to toe. Depending on your preferences, these sculptures enable you to easily find the headstone and marker. 

A personal touch on the headstone can be a great way to reflect who the person lying there was. Moreover, this is also a great way to show the gratitude and respect of the people left behind towards the departed soul. 

You can contact monument providers such as Summit Memorials in Edmonton and Saskatoon to guide you through the process and give the best possible solution according to your time and budget.


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