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Timely colonoscopy, a gift of life

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On what criteria do you decide whether someone is good at their work or not? Well, the answer to this question is quite subjective. For any professional, there are two main points of judgement. The first one is understanding and knowledge of the field. The second important one is the ability to apply that knowledge in a manner that yields positive results for their clients.

A professional can be a lawyer, doctor, chartered accountant, etc. The above-stated criteria apply to all the mentioned professionals of their respective fields. As of now, we would like to focus on the professional who is considered second to God. These are none other than the doctors. The community of doctors have saved so many lives over the years. So, just like God is the creator of humans, doctors are the saviour of those whose life is at risk. 

Even in the doctors’ community, there are specialisations. Some are good at treating heart-related issues, while some are good for stomach issues. The specialist for stomach related issues is known as a gastroenterologist. One thing that makes the job of gastroenterologists an even significant one is their ability to detect one of the most serious diseases, that is, colon cancer.

Cancer can affect various organs, but colon cancer is very different and fatal as well. Though doctors who are not even specialists also have some understanding of all the health issues, colon cancer is one that can not be detected easily by all of them. In fact, colon cancer can only be detected by a gastroenterologist. This is because of the detailed knowledge as well as the experience that they possess.

To understand the above-mentioned statement, it is important to know about the symptoms of colorectal cancer. Some of them are stated as follows:

  • Constant discomfort in your stomach can be pain, bloating or a gassy feeling.
  • The most important one is blood in the stool or bleeding while solid waste excretion.
  • Facing either constipation or loose motion every now and then.
  • Sudden weight loss is another common symptom.
  • Constant weakness or tiredness.

Now, you would agree that none of these symptoms is especially different, which is why colon cancer can be misunderstood as any other abdominal issue. A gastroenterologist is a person who is in the best position to differentiate whether these symptoms are leading to colon cancer or not.

Gastroenterologists have the capacity to conduct an advanced test called colonoscopy which enables them to detect the presence of cancer in the walls of the colon. This test makes use of a tiny video camera to have a close look in the colon. With the help of this camera, one can detect the creation of polyps in the colon walls.

The presence of polyps in the colon wall does not necessarily mean that you are a colon cancer patient. Not all colon polyps are cancerous. Another advantage of this test is that the doctor can remove small polyps present in the colon wall while conducting the test itself, thereby preventing you from any serious issue arising in near future.

It is suggested that those who are in the later stage of their life, that is, above 50 years should surely go for a colonoscopy. This is done by good gastroenterologists. Colonoscopy doctor Los Angeles is considered one of the best in this field because of the number of lives he has saved so far. 

Colonoscopy is a test that should be done only under the proper guidance of the field specialists. Even if you are getting an option to get this test done in some laboratory then you must first check with the team there about the process and knowing that they possess for this test.

Going for a colonoscopy at the right time by choosing the right doctor clearly means that you are giving yourself the gift of life. Whether you are suffering from fatal colorectal cancer or not can be judged only with the reports of this test, so rather than ignoring abdominal issues, you must visit the best gastroenterologist near you. After all, if one is in the possession of health then they can acquire any amount of wealth.


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