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10 TikTok marketing and business strategies for 2021

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Now TikTok has become the most non-gaming app that got spectacular downloads of two billion. It continues to make a distinct niche in the lives of people all around the world. Making use of it for your business marketing is a great opportunity not to be missed upon.

So having clear and clarifying marketing goals will take your business to great heights. Have a purpose in everything you post and make the best use of this platform with the below-mentioned top 10 tips for TikTok marketing strategy.

The never ending Hashtag challenges

Hashtag challenges have gained tremendous popularity in modern culture across all the social media platforms. They are one of the most favored TikTok trends too and are not going anywhere soon.

They have created a simple way for marketers in reaching out to their target audience. There are mainly two sorts of these hashtag challenges. The sponsored ones where a marketer develops a hashtag challenge to approach their audience and the organic ones where the marketers make use of ongoing challenges. Businesses should make use of both kinds to maximize their reach among the customers.

Sneak peeks

Do you enjoy the bloopers and the behind-the-scenes clips of your favorite movie or tv shows or actors? The chances are you are. Even if you don’t it’s not a problem. Giving such sneaks peeks of what happens under the hood of your brand has its own magic.  This changes the way your customers interact with your brand. With the right content, the customers put immense trust in your brand and also help you in growing your brand transparently. It helps them form an emotional bond with your brand which only keeps growing with time.

Have a new recruit to welcome to your brand family? Have new products to launch? Use TikTok to your advantage and upload funny or in-the-moment clips to build up momentum for your brand. Click here to know About the Best TikTok clone services you can use to build your own next TikTok app.

Hacks and Tuuts

Another rising trend in TikTok marketing is by showcasing tutorial videos and hacks relating to the services or products offered by the marketers. The marketing agencies are becoming an authority in using TikTok for business with several social media tips and marketing hacks.

One such example is if you have a cosmetic business, you can showcase a short tutorial on how to apply foundation effectively or how to get a specific look for different types of faces. Many service-based businesses are coming up with these kinds of tutorial videos and offering tricks and tips pertaining to their domain. Tutorials offer value to the target users and establish a good bond with help. They also help in establishing your authority in your domain which further increases your expertise and trustworthiness.

One thing that was shown to be working is humor. Keep the video light and don’t be afraid to be funny.

Authentic Testimonials

Increasing your brand authenticity does wonder to the popularity of your brand. The best way to do it is by putting out testimonials from your existing and loyal customers. They act as wonderful social proof and increase your brand’s trustworthiness. As is said, showing rather than telling has a long way to go. A simple video showing a testimonial of a satisfied customer is a fantastic way to stay relevant. This in turn might get amplified with the voluntary entries from your other loyal customers whom you are able to successfully satisfy in the past.

The influencers of TikTok

Another fad that’s not going away in the near future is the influence of certain people on social media platforms. These influencers have dramatic control in the ways of influencing their followers’ choices and opinions. There has been a tremendous increase in influencer marketing over the social media platforms, especially on TikTok. TikTok, the fastest growing social media platform, influencers are trying new ways to reach their audience.

Going with the trend, many marketers and businesses are trying to recruit these influencers on TikTok to increase their brand awareness. This is a great strategy as it not only boosts the brand reach but also avoids spending a ton of additional resources for content creation.

Setting clear goals and guidelines, giving them creative freedom enables them to provide quality contributions for this partnership. To get most of your partnership, recruit those influencers who have an engaged audience.

Reposting or cross posting

With all the unique features of TikTok, the creation of short videos is a great opportunity to tap into. They became quite successful in capturing the audience. So consider the implication of cross-posting the TikTok videos on other social media platforms. The more cross-posting and repurposing your content has, the more is the return of your investment. Since TikTok videos can only last from 15 to 60 sec, they can serve as excellent teaser material which can lead to longer Youtube sessions. For example, a car service provider can post before and after glimpses of car service. In the end, this could include a tag that could lead people to step by step tutorial on Youtube using the link in this profile.


Social commerce on TikTok

With new partnerships that TikTok has made in recent years, it has opened doors to boost sales for merchants. Now your businesses can not only create and distribute content, but you can also analyze the performance of your TikTok campaigns and other metrics. It is also said that TikTok is also trying to implement in-app purchase options for users. TikTok is also incentivizing businesses to use TikTok for their ad campaigns.

Prevailing Meme culture

As the trends of influencers, memes have shown themselves in TikTok. With their prevalence over the social media platforms, memes have taken an important role in TikTok too. As they are easy to consume and fun to engage with they are able to keep with the other rising trends. With their extremely sharable nature memes is one of the great ways to promote your businesses and increase your brand reach. Wanna make a TikTok of your own. Read more about the best Snapchat clone app services User Remix

A feature in TikTok is that the users get to recreate the existing templates, ideas, or formats to express their own personal tastes, personalities, or ideas. This is what user remixing is all about. During the COVID lockdown, this has tremendously picked up pace and users are loving it. Experts say that this is only just the beginning and taking advantage of this has a lot to offer for digital marketers and businesses.

Celebrities on board

The popularity of TikTok has had a magnetic effect on celebrities worldwide. Many celebrities are also joining the TikTok community. From actors to politicians, celebrities are jumping onto the TikTok platform. This has enabled them to connect and engage with their younger audience and fans. Recruiting them would be a great boost to your business and garnering more outreach to your brand.

In the end whatever your strategy for gaining more reach for your brand is, don’t miss out on the inclusion of a strong call to action that tells your viewers what to do next. Hope this post is a great help to your business expansion.


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