Three Ways to Save Money on Your Electric Bill Using Residential Solar Power Systems

Solar Power For Homes… Why… When thinking about solar energy Portland for homes, there really are three primary methods to harness the sun s natural energy: passive solar, photovoltaic, and thermal. Each one has it’s drawbacks, but each has it’s strong points.

1. Photovoltaic Solar Power panels

Photovoltaic panels are the most popular way to harness solar power for home Portland. They take energy from the sun and convert it directly into electricity or gas. These panels are expensive but have minimal maintenance, last for many years, and can be used in a variety of applications. If your goal is truly solar power for home, then I would highly recommend this type of panel. 

2. Passive Solar Power panel

Another common method to convert solar energy into household electricity is a passive solar panel. These use simple solar panels (like the panels on your calculator) that are placed on your home or other surface to collect the sun’s energy, store it, and convert it into household electricity using simple inverters. The disadvantages to this system are that it does not create electricity at the same high voltages as photovoltaic panels. Also, this type of panel is quite large and costly. A better option for a beginner would be a solar panels inverter! 

3. Thermally driven solar

The third type of solar energy for home use…thermally driven solar systems. These solar power generator Portland use a water heater, like your bath tub, that runs at night to convert the solar energy during the day into heating water at a temperature suitable for your home. These panels do not create electricity at the same high voltages as photovoltaic panels. 

Decide First For Which Area Solar System will Be Use

Whether you are installing home solar power systems for the entire home, just part of it, or a specific area such as a swimming pool, there are several ways to save money on electric bills. The first way is to choose what you will be using and how much. This will help you determine which system is best for you. Next, look for energy-efficient appliances, and choose those with low-voltage operation. 

Figure Out Your Solar Energy Needs

It is also important to figure out what your solar energy needs are, based on your usage. How many kilowatts of energy do you use on average? And, how much hot water do you use? These are questions most homeowners need to consider when choosing an appliance. 

Save your Money On Electricity Bills

Residential solar panels have been proven to save money on energy costs. By choosing an energy saving appliance or a solar panel system, you can save money in the long run on your electric bill. And, you can help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

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