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Three types of technologies to improve interaction on the exhibition stand

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echnology becomes one of the most important pillars to captivate visitors to your exhibition stand. With a host of innovative technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) making their way into the trade show industry, it can be difficult to find Seven types of technologies to improve interaction on the exhibition stand.jpgthe right technology that is relevant to your audience.

Fortunately, we have researched each of these technologies. We’ve taken a look at each of the latest innovations that are starting to find their way into the hands of brands and marketers and selected seven technologies that are flexible enough to be used in most exhibition stand designs.

1. projection mapping.

Projection mapping is already used by several brands and advertisers. It is a form of augmented spatial reality, which produces a visual 3D projection on a 3D surface. This projection can be practically anything the brand desires, from simple everyday objects to entire landscapes. What makes this technology unique is that it adapts to the dimensions and size of the surface on which it is projected.

Advertisers often use it to create optical illusions, such as the illusion of movement in stationary objects. Combined with audio and visual feedback, it can create a realistic experience for visitors to a booth. Unlike VR or AR, which is limited to wearable technology such as smartphones and headsets, projection mapping does not require any investment on the part of the visitor. This makes it a unique option that can be directly applicable to your exhibition stand.

2. Virtual walls

Motion sensitive virtual walls transform the walls of your exhibition stand design dubai into an interactive experience. By using LEDs and projection screens, you can create a digital canvas for your visitors. A virtual wall has several applications:

Visitors can use it to write messages, draw pictures, or play games.

Users can show their creative side by recreating a snowman (in the case of a Christmas theme) or by personalizing their virtual bike (if a company sells bikes).

Virtual walls are therefore very attractive! Visitors to your booth will have a lot of fun in a visually appealing and playful way.

3. Interactive floors

Have you ever looked at the ground you are walking on? The floor is one of the less thoughtful aspects of a booth. But you can make it the most interactive part of the booth.

By installing cube-shaped LED lights with motion sensors, you can change the color of the floor as visitors walk on it. By using responsive LED flooring on the exhibition stand, you can creatively amaze your attendees. You can also embed your own version of a twister or dance game, one of a kind and linked to the brand, for additional interaction with visitors.


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