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This will be the ‘virtual concerts’: how to enjoy live from home

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Society is in the process of adapting to the new reality forced by the coronavirus pandemic and this process implies the adoption of new habits, such as virtual concerts. When the pandemic began, musicians around the world launched into offering free digital performances. Live concerts are a musical system used in the world very much  please . The watchword was “be there” : passion prevailed at the expense of technical quality. It was curious to see idols like Taylor Swift, the Rolling Stones, Chris Martin (or in Spain Alejandro Sanz or Robe Iniesta) in crappy home recordings, once sounded out of tune. Months later, the business has arrived. 

Direct from the living room

Spotify has not officially positioned itself before this leak and the details of the new service are not known either, but everything seems to indicate that it is a way to make exclusive concerts profitable through its platform. if you want enjoy music offline then you can naa songs free download. It is not clear how the service will work but from the leaks we can deduce that Spotify users will be able to search for virtual concerts and from the application itself they can be listened to live.The company has extensive experience connecting artists with their audience and is not new in this field: it has agreements with ticketing platforms such as Ticketmaster and Eventbrite through which its subscribers could purchase tickets for face-to-face concerts. of its main artists. In this case, Spotify would do the same but virtually and predictably, with exclusive content for its users.

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Facebook Live

Facebook competes face to face with YouTube in this field and also has a platform for live broadcasts: Facebook Live. As with YouTube, Facebook Live integrates very naturally into the application through a simple button that can turn anyone who is encouraged into an artist, but it’s high number of users makes it a channel of natural choice for women. bands for the direct ones. The alternative of Mark Zuckerberg’s team, of course, has more limitations than YouTube by limiting the resolution of the live shows to 720p (far from 4K of the first ones), the duration of the broadcast to 4 hours, and what is more importantly, a monetization that is not direct, as is the case with YouTube. Even so, Facebook Live continues to be a popular platform for live broadcasts, although more focused on the field of news.


Virtual reality has also appeared in music. An example is the application carried out by Melody VR . This platform allows the user to virtually move to the concert – thanks to the use of virtual reality glasses – and even choose the point from which they can see their band, being able to change their location at will. Melody VR obviously offers a much more immersive experience since you can enjoy the music from the stage itself (even if we are really at home). The user can pay for the broadcast of the entire concert or for individual songs, and its great handicap is that it will require the acquisition of virtual reality glasses to obtain a total experience. .

What is the future?

But, beyond the platforms … Are we facing the future of concerts or a provisional adaptation of them? Íñigo Argomániz, CEO of the musical promoter Get In, considers that these types of products are “a temporary transition” towards new technologies that were doomed to arrive. This expert maintains that face-to-face concerts are far from disappearing and in fact, little by little they virtual concerts are being held respecting the strictest security measures. “Not a single contagion is known in the concerts we have organized,” he explains, but nevertheless acknowledges that the pandemic has only precipitated the adoption of new technologies that sooner or later would settle in this sector.

 Netflix or HBO

In this sense, artists can more easily monetize an event that will only be broadcast once on a given platform, a special that fans of the bands will not be able to miss. Ultimately, it is about repeating the business model that streaming television platforms such as Netflix or HBO already apply: making the content they broadcast exclusively profitable, although in this case it is through subscription. It is not clear how Spotify intends to make this new function profitable, although it is assumed that it would be in the same way an extra content for subscribers it’s subscription.

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