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This is what a logo designer should be able to do

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Working with a logo designer that’s perfect for you and your business is half the battle in creating a great brand identity. The road to starting a business can be stressful; I’ve been there too, and I know how much it can be a part of. There are some things a good designer will do for you. Here’s what I recommend to save you the stress of designing a logo.

You should get logo instructions

There may be times when you need to create something for your business in terms of marketing or promotion, and you need to pass your logo to another designer. After investing time and money in creating the perfect logo, the last thing you want is for your logo to be killed by another designer. They may be called logo guidelines or brand guidelines, but they are basically the same thing. The instruction document acts as a bible for your logo. It lets other logos and web designers know how to use your logo when inserting it into a design. It informs them about blanks, sizes, typography, colors, what to do and what not to do.

Choose a designer who can show you varied work

It is best to get a logo from a designer who has a portfolio that demonstrates that she can adapt her style to reflect what is required for the logo design. Designers who have a diverse portfolio of design styles will create research-based logos and a strong understanding of their client’s businesses and audiences.

Your logo must be a vector logo

So you don’t get overwhelmed with technical details, but basically, you can shrink vector graphics to any size without losing quality. However, some (amateur) designers create raster bitmap logos, which isn’t great when it comes to scaling. Have you ever tried to zoom in on a photo on a computer, and everything is blurry and out of focus? It will also happen with your logo if you get your logo only as a raster bitmap and not as a vector.

Your logo should only work in 1 color

There will still be times when you will need your logo to appear in only one color. For example, promotional items such as pens and keyrings can often be limited to the 1-color print option. The logo must not rely on colors, shades, or other effects. If so, you may find that when displayed in 1 color, your logo suddenly looks pretty ugly. As a rule, when a logo designer starts working on logo concepts for a client, they only work in black and white. That way, they can make sure the shape and shape of the logo work before adding color to the design.

You should be aware of font licensing

In the same way that images and photographs require the purchase of a license to use them in design and marketing, they also apply to fonts. In order for a business logo designer to use a particular font as part of a professional logo design, it must be authorized by law. This means ensuring that all licenses are paid for and that the license of the fonts actually allows them to be used in logo designs. Not all fonts can be used in logo projects. If there is a particular font you would like to use, and the designer is not licensed for that font, you will need to add the cost of that font to the cost of the project. If you don’t want a commercially licensed font to be used as part of your logo design, you should notify your designer right from the start.

Bottom line

Your custom logo design will be used in many different circumstances. From small website icons to big building brands and vehicle graphics, your logo needs to be highly scalable. When looking for a custom logo designer for hire to create a logo for you, take a closer look at her portfolio of work. Some company logo designers will have a specific style that they prefer to use when creating logos. Their specific style, even if you personally like it, may not suit your company logo.


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