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5 Ways to Reduce Strain on Your AC Unit

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With the heat rising as the summer comes, your AC will have to work hard to keep the inside of your home cool. Any extra strain on your air conditioning system can affect your utility bills or damage your AC unit permanently. There could be various reasons behind the malfunctioning of your AC units, such as improper Ac maintenance, faulty installation, no repairs, or others. 

The high temperatures and humid weather conditions mean your air conditioner might run for longer hours. However, this puts a lot of strain on your AC, making it hard to function properly. Therefore, you must know the techniques to lessen the strain on your air conditioning system so you can enjoy cool indoors in the summer and keep it in good condition. 

This article guides you on how to reduce strain on AC and ensure its longer life. 

Clean Your AC Filters 

Your AC works well when it is clean. It means that its filters must be clean as well. Dirty or clogged filters make it hard for the air conditioning unit to work properly as it takes more energy to cool your room. This puts a lot of strain on your AC that leads to more power consumption. It can significantly increase your electricity bills while damaging your AC system. Therefore, it is better to replace your air conditioner’s filters on time to avoid putting extra strain on your AC. 

Reduce The Heat Inside

The extra amount of heat coming into your home can make your AC work harder to achieve the desired level of cooling. Thin curtains which don’t block out the external heart completely can reduce the cooling. You must check for any weak points leading to more heat inside your home. 

Proper ceilings and insulation can reduce the heat inside and ensure faster cooling. Use dark-colored or thermal curtains to block out any sunlight coming in. Minimize the usage of stovetops for cooking if possible. Also, check the doors and windows for any leaks. 

Install Programmable Thermostats

Automation has eased your lives and made them more comfortable. You can utilize programmable thermostats to reduce the strain on your air conditioners. So, your system won’t have to work harder at low temperatures while you are away from your home. Program your thermostat and raise the temperature to a few degrees when you are away from home. It can reduce the strain on your AC and ensure its efficient functioning all summers. 

Hire An AC Inspection Company

One of the best things you can do for the health of your AC is to get it inspected by professionals regularly. They will check each part and tell you if there is a problem that needs fixing. Regular inspection of your AC will avoid costly problems later and save your air conditioning unit from any damage. Research for the best AC professionals such as Nor-can Heating and air in your area for your air conditioner inspection. 

Check The Ducts

One of the main causes of poor cooling is improperly insulated ducts. Ducts are the passages for cool air, and if they are not well-insulated, they can waste as much as 40% of the cool air. Therefore, you must check your AC air passages and ducts to ensure that you are getting the right amount of cool air and your AC is not working longer than it should for cooling down the room. 

Final Words

Your air conditioner is a major thing you look forward to whenever harsh summers come. Maintaining it in excellent condition is essential for its long life and bill reduction. For that, you must avoid all the factors that might put a strain on your AC.


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