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Things you Should Know When Choosing a Skiing Backpack

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If you are into skiing, having the right gear is essential to improving your skills and experiences on the slopes. Among all the ski accessories and gears that you can buy to improve your skiing experience, one of the most important ones is a good quality backpack. The type of backpack that you choose to use when skiing really has a lot of impact on your overall experience and the safety of your body as you make those daring jumps.

The backpack that you choose should be sturdy, safe, and not too heavy. It should also have lots of compartments for you to place all your things. There are different types of skiing backpacks in the market which you can choose from. This article will help you narrow down your choices and make it easier for you to choose the best backpack that suits your needs and preferences.

Skiing Backpack
Things you Should Know When Choosing a Skiing Backpack

Backpacks by Material:

The first thing that you need to consider when choosing a skiing backpack is the material used in making it. Generally, backpacks come in four basic materials, namely:


Polyester is a very lightweight fabric. This means that it won’t add much to the weight of the backpack when you are using it. It also provides durability and is very easy to clean if ever you get it dirty. The only disadvantage of opting for this material in your backpack is that it easily gets scratched.

This material is best if you use your backpack frequently. It can also be used in making light bags such as school bags or running gear.


This kind of fabric is very versatile and can be made into several things, including clothing for different purposes, to make backpacks. A cotton backpack usually offers a lot of space. They are also very lightweight and have a good warranty, plus they are not prone to water damage. The durability and strength of this fabric are not so good though, so the lifespan may be short in comparison to other fabrics used for backpacks today.


Nylon is best suited for backpacks that are used for hiking. It has good strength and durability to withstand rough treatment. Nylon backpacks are usually very waterproof, so they can even be placed underwater without being damaged. It is also weatherproof in general, not just water-resistant.


This type of fabric is the first choice for skiers. This is because it has characteristics that make it a very lightweight backpack that can withstand the harsh weather conditions of the slopes. It is also water-resistant and has a good strength to make sure that your things inside are safe from harm as you move about on the mountains. Polypropylene backpacks often come with special compartments for skis. You can also find waterproof backpacks, where the fabric is made into a special type of polyester.

Choosing the Right Ski Backpack

A Skiing Backpack by Function

Another thing to consider when choosing a skiing backpack is the function that you wish to use it for. Before you select your desired ski equipment or materials, take a moment and think about the type of ski activities that you do most often. Do you prefer something with lots of space for your equipment? Or would one with more pockets be more useful to place and carry your things on the mountains? Consider what it is really that you are looking for in a backpack that will help you make the right decision when choosing a backpack.

For example, if you have lots of equipment to take with you, then get a backpack that has straps to secure your skis and poles. You can also choose one with a helmet holder which is very useful when carrying your avalanche safety equipment. There are backpacks out there that combine these features in one unit for convenience and ease.

If you don’t have lots of equipment to carry, then you can choose a backpack with pockets and zippered compartments to place your smaller things. It is also best to get one with straps because these types of backpacks are actually very convenient for carrying around town in addition to using them on the mountains.

Choosing the Right Ski Backpack

Here are a few tips in choosing the right ski backpack for you:

  • Find out how much money you can allocate for your backpack – usually, backpacks cost between $80 and $150 or more. You should also consider the other equipment that you will need to purchase such as helmet, goggles, and other safety items. Some backpacks are already available with some of these accessories to save you some money.
  • Make sure that the backpack has enough compartments for your gears and equipment. It is also advisable to select a backpack that can open wide so you can easily put your things in it without causing injury or damage to your stuff.
  • Select a backpack that is light in weight. The lighter the better because this will make it easier for you to endure your ski activities. You should also find one with straps so that you can attach it securely on your back while moving over the mountains.
  • It is also important to get a backpack with enough cushion and padding so that your shoulders and back will be protected when you carry it around.
  • The length and the width of the backpack should also be considered because if they are too long or wide these will cause an imbalance in your posture as you carry it around on your body.
  • You should also look for a durable, weatherproof, and waterproof design. This is because your backpack will be exposed to harsh weather conditions on the mountain, and you need to make sure that it can withstand these conditions.
  • You should also look for one with an easy access system so that getting your things in and out of it won’t take too much time or effort. Furthermore, it should also have enough straps to secure your luggage and equipment inside.
Things you Should Know When Choosing a Skiing Backpack

After considering these factors, you can now make the right decision when choosing a backpack for your skiing activities. This will help you save money for other important items that are needed during ski seasons such as gloves, goggles, and other safety items. You can always join skier’s communities online and get help from others who have the same passion.

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