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Things You Should Keep in Mind Before Choosing a Franchise Attorney

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So are you looking forward to starting up a new franchise business? Then you would surely need an experienced franchise attorney for the smooth management of your business. Only a good lawyer can provide you with proper legal guidance to safeguard your franchise business. They will also update you regarding the aspects associated with the franchise rule. Therefore you must consider certain things before appointing one.

In this article, we will guide you about the things you should keep in mind before choosing a franchise attorney.

Who is a Franchise Attorney?

The role of Franchise lawyers is to act as mediators between buyers and licensors. Therefore, they are often called franchise agreement lawyers as they help you in situations of franchise contract review.

Only an experienced attorney will safeguard and protect your business from all sorts of unfair and deceptive acts, which you may easily fall prey to. Therefore the legal counseling of the franchise lawyer is very beneficial for both franchisers as well as the franchisee.

Factors You Should Keep in Mind Before Choosing a Franchise Attorney

Here are some of the points that you should consider before appointing a franchise attorney:

Transactional vs. Litigation Focus

It is necessary that before appointing a franchise attorney, you should check if the lawyer has experience as a transactional attorney. This will help him in preparing the legal documents of your franchise efficiently.

It would also be beneficial for your business to have an attorney who has a litigation practice. As at times, he might have to represent your firm in a lawsuit.

Choose an Attorney Who Has Experience for Both Franchisor and Franchisee

A franchise lawyer needs to have the experience of working as an attorney for both franchisees as well as a franchisor. It is only then he will have complete knowledge about what is to be done in what situations. If they have worked for just one of the categories, then they may be either too pro-franchisee or too pro-franchisor.

Check the Accessibility

The lawyer you are appointing must always be available when you need them for any legal issues. Also, remember to check how they are comfortable in communicating with clients. It can be either through mails or through phones. So discuss with them their preferable mode of communication and how they can be reached in times of need.


Most of the time, you will need an attorney who will be your long-time ‘partner’ in managing legal issues. So you must get along with that person. Therefore, appoint someone with whom you will be comfortable to work and seek legal advice.

Final Thoughts

You can very well understand that there are several complexities involved in the proper management of legal issues; hence, it is essential to have an experienced and reputed franchise attorney who will act as a mediator and settle all sorts of disputes that might arise in your franchise business.


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