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Things You Should and Shouldn’t Do While Shopping for Your Granite Countertops

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Do you think it is impossible to visualize how exactly your granite countertops will look in your kitchen before you allow them to be installed?

Our opinion is that’s not true. Considering, the selection process of granite countertops offered by many installers, it would not be wrong to say that your final purchase will be a matter of luck. It helps to know more about granite so that you can appreciate what we are saying.

It’s Important To Keep In Mind Granite Is Natural

Natural granite is unique. It is different from many other remodeling products in the way that it cannot be produced artificially in terms of texture and color.

Granite is a naturally occurring stone that is extracted from the earth in the form of large slabs. If you’re fond of natural stones, you probably already know that. But, only an expert can understand how that impacts granite’s appearance. The earth is dug up to extract massive granite slabs. It’s no surprise that even within the same slabs, the veining, brightness, and colors, can vary greatly. 

And this Leads To A Major Problem…

Assuming All Granite Countertops Will Look like the Sample

Some granite countertop sellers and installers show their customers only small samples (5 Inches square approximately) of the granite they intend to install.

A sample cannot guarantee that the granite you would use in your kitchen or bathroom will represent what you will receive eventually. The final product’s color, veining, and lightness or darkness can differ widely from the sample.

Secondly, using a name to describe granite (often based on a quarry’s name) is another way granite is classified. Now that can also be misleading for some people. Many homeowners believe that granite samples under a certain name will look the same. No, they won’t! There are always variations in natural rocks in every single piece.

In simpler terms, if you choose a granite countertop after seeing a sample or based on a specific granite name, there’s a good chance that you will be disappointed when the actual granite arrives at your home. 

How to Choose the Right Granite Countertops Better?

1. Closely examine the Granite Material

Fortunately, Roof Crafters allows you to shop from the widest variety of granite countertops to precisely fit your kitchen’s look and feel. We have removed the guesswork from your granite countertops shopping. 

We set up an appointment with each one of our clients and help them to pick out the best material for their kitchen countertops. SO we then use the exact granite material for their kitchen countertop installation. This will be real granite, not just a sample we bring to the clients’ homes. Our clients can see and feel the granite material before they make a decision.

Only our method lets you be completely certain of the products you’ll be getting and their exact color and brightness. You really can’t go wrong when you shop for your granite countertops with us.

2. Make Use of Remnants To Save Money

To make great savings on your bathroom countertops without sacrificing the quality, consider the remnants from the granite kitchen countertops when shopping with us.

In most cases, these kitchen countertops remnants are sufficiently large enough to be used for bathroom countertops. The reason being the bathroom countertops are quite small when compared to kitchen countertops. So they require less material. These remnants have the same high quality as our larger ones but are often available at massive discounts.

As one of area’s most trusted kitchen remodeling companies, we always have a wide variety of remnants on hand. Finding the finest quality product to suit your taste and saving money at the same time is possible when you choose us for your countertop needs. It’s always great to have a variety of options to choose from right?

3. Don’t Base Your Decision On The Samples! 

At Mississippi Landsource, we recommend viewing the actual granite that ends up in your kitchen or bathroom before spending your hard-earned money – don’t buy from a picture or a sample. For more guidance, give Mississippi Landsource a call at 601-996-4632 today.


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