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Things To Take A Note of While Buying An AC This Summer

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Every year there are thousands of Air Conditioners which people buy during the Summer Season. As that is the time we all need it. Based on the room type there are various options and types of split AC’s available in the market. Here in the AC Buying Guide India for 2021 without even giving it a thought we have given everything you need to know. 


Fan speeds:

The fan circulates cooled or heated air around the room. Look for a model with a wide airflow range and multiple fan speeds: from very high, to help the room cool down quickly, to very low, so there’s less noise and no unpleasant draught once you have the right temperature. Split AC with an AC outdoor unit can help you achieve the same faster than other types of AC’S.


Human presence sensor:

This detects whether someone is in the room, so the unit knows to keep working. Some models even direct the air movement towards the sensed person. When no one is detected, the unit might switch to an economy mode to reduce power consumption. Having this feature doesn’t mean you can leave the air conditioner running for hours when the house is empty. You’re still much better off turning it off and using the timer function to turn it back on just before you return home, or turning it on remotely via Wi-Fi.


Wi-Fi and apps control:

Many newer models can connect to the wireless network in your home so you can control the air conditioner via an app on your smartphone – handy if you’re at work and want to turn it on before you get home, or you’re at home and you’ve misplaced the remote. Some have this feature built-in; others need a controller device added to the air conditioner to enable it.


Air filters and self-cleaning:

Air conditioners offer increasingly sophisticated air filtration systems, to remove allergens, mold, bacteria, odors, and dust from the air. This is often accompanied by a self-cleaning function to keep the inside of the unit dry and reduce the build-up of dust and the growth of mold; this also helps keep the unit running more efficiently.


Types to choose from: Wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted?

  • High wall: the indoor unit is mounted high on a wall so its air flow can easily blow across the room and the AC outdoor unit is situated outside the house to release heat from the inside.
  • Floor-mounted: the indoor unit is at floor level, which may better suit some rooms. 
  • Cassette: the indoor unit is mounted in the ceiling. 
  • Floor/ceiling: can be mounted on either the ceiling or the floor.

Power Consumption of AC:

If you are buying the best air conditioner in India to run it for a longer period then it is advisable to buy a 5 stared air conditioners although it is expensive than 3-star air conditioner, because if you once invested in 5-stared AC then it will save your electricity bill then 5 stars, only when used for 8 hours a day (Heavy Users). 

In case, you want to buy an air conditioner to use for just 2–3 hours a day then it is not advisable to buy a 5 stared AC because 5 stared AC only saves electricity when it is used for at least 7 hours a day.


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