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Things To Keep In Mind – Tyre Maintenance And Care

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You jeopardise your safety and the overall performance of your car when you choose to neglect the maintenance of your tyres. Major accidents and other damages to your vehicle can be prevented if you put in some time and effort to ensure their working. Some people complain that tyre maintenance is expensive and unnecessary but this negligence proves to cost you more in the longer run.

Tyre Rotation

Depending on your vehicle and your driving all your tyres might not have uniform tread wear. This can cause a lot of strain in vehicle handling and control. It is advised that you rotate your tyres periodically to counter this so that all your tyres have an equal road exposure.

Tyre Air Pressure

Overinflated tyres have a greater chance of blow-out due to the higher pressure inside and they make vehicle control more difficult and reduce safety. Underinflated tyres on the other hand increase the contact surface of the tyres and the road leading to more rolling resistance, difficult handling and more fuel consumption. It is highly significant that you manually keep a check on this to prevent any damages.

Tyres can deflate fast if they aren’t checked regularly and therefore it is recommended to check once every couple of weeks.

Wheel Alignment

The alignment in which your tyres are mounted to the car has an effect on the direction and angle of wheel movement and the suspension system.

Balancing Your Tyres

It is essential that you check your tyre balance regularly to prevent any unwanted vibrations or difficulty when driving.

Tyres that are out of balance will wobble up and down and cause vibrations in the steering wheel, the floorboard and the seats at higher speeds.

Maintenance of spare tyres and storing tyres

Tyres lose air even without external damage or puncture and this includes your spare tyres as well. Your spare tyres are often overlooked and neglected unless it is time for their use. But if you fail to keep them properly maintained just like your standard regular tyres they cannot be used in the hour of need.

Make sure you store tyres in a dry and cool condition in your garage away from petroleum products, grease and other chemical substances.

Unwanted heat can reduce the tyre life therefore keep them away from any hot motors or pipes in a shady dry place away from sunlight and heat.

Be smooth while driving

Harsh driving at really fast speeds, sudden brakes and stops all put immense load and pressure on your tyres causing them to break down very fast and reducing their life.

Don’t overload your tyres

Overloading your vehicle is bad for your tyre and other car components and you must always make sure to check the owners manual of your vehicle before you decide the load limits. Never fit tyres of less load capacity and ensure the rim width is chosen according to what is advised. This is a necessity for proper load distribution and the overall functioning of the car. Tyres Edgware handles efficiently the load of your vehicle while giving you a comfortable and smooth ride. If you don’t pay the required attention to this it can lead to poor handling, tyre damage and decreased fuel efficiency.

Can you mix and match?

It is not recommended to mix tyres to minimize the damage and have safer handling on all four tyres of your vehicle. They must all be of the same type and size unless it is recommended otherwise.

Bridgestone Tyres Edgware have excellent performance and will last you a long time if you follow these steps to maintain and care for your tyres.

Remember to show extra care to your tyres with changing seasons and need. If you do all of this beforehand it reduces the problems that might arise later. It not only increases the life and performance of your tyres but also that of your car.


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