Things to consider when renovating a bathroom

Bathroom renovation is a seemingly simple activity that shouldn’t take much time. Everything will be the same if you have your own professional contractor or trust specialists who know very well how to make a bathroom renovation. If you are interested in update the bathroom 48 inch double sink vanity, take a look at our bathroom supply store, New Bathroom Style. 

Simple tips on how to make a bathroom floor

Choosing among the mass of finishing materials is pretty challenging, and selecting a material for flooring in a bathroom is even more difficult. There is always a high humidity level in the room, temperature fluctuations, contact of surfaces with water; therefore, special requirements are put forward for the materials used. Bathroom walls require special attention, so we will pay sufficient attention to leveling and preparing all surfaces on which finishing materials will be laid.

Floor covering requirements

The materials you choose for the bathroom floor must meet certain conditions:

environmental friendliness (there must be no harmful emissions);

moisture resistance;

ease of maintenance, the ability to clean surfaces with and without detergents;

safety (the surface should not become slippery when it gets wet);


aesthetics. The floor surface should be practical and attractive, and consistent with the overall style of the room.

The right choice of materials ensures that your bathroom stays functional and attractive over time, making you happy and enjoyable. 

How to make a wiring in the bathroom

Before you start designing and laying the wiring in the bathroom, you need to decide on the materials used for this. This issue is essential, and we will certainly take into account your wishes. The wiring of all systems in the bathrooms should be as inconspicuous as possible and occupy as little space as possible. Our experts know how to make a bathrooms as functional as possible, so we often carry out the hidden installation of communications. 

Requirements for the pipeline, which must be taken into account when making wiring:

the material must be resistant to corrosion;

there should be no threaded pipe connections in the walls;

the system must be durable and reliable.

Steel pipes do not meet the specified requirements. Therefore we recommend using polypropylene pipes. Polypropylene with internal reinforcement can also be used. The joints of such pipes do not have threaded connections since they are soldered using a particular soldering machine. The material, moreover, is not subject to corrosion. Therefore it is very durable. 

When carrying out the wiring in the bathrooms, we will undoubtedly take into account the peculiarities of your room when choosing materials and performing finishes.

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