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Things To Consider For Mercedes Car On Rent In Delhi

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Are you getting married? Are you planning to take your girlfriend on a special date? Is it your anniversary or birthday? Do you look forward to making a lasting impression on your clients with stylish arrival?

No matter what the occasion is, Mercedes on rent is the way to go. There are so many benefits of renting a luxury car, especially a Mercedes. The main benefit is the high-end services and good reputation.

But how to book a Mercedes on rent in Delhi? Given below are some simple things to consider for booking Mercedes on rent. You need to keep them in mind for ensuring you hire the right vehicle for any special occasion.

Where to Book?

Renting a Mercedes may be overwhelming with various rental companies offering many deals. So, you need to start your search by checking it out on car hiring aggregator sites. All these sites list different car rental companies near your location. Some big rental companies have luxurious cars like Mercedes, Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc. 

Go through different car rental companies and chose the best offer that meets your preferences and requirements. For booking, do check the terms and conditions of a car rental company to avoid any confusion later on.

Rental Costs

When it comes to Mercedes on rent in Mumbai or Delhi or any other location, be prepared to pay a huge cost for the rental compared to regular car rent. The rate may vary as per the model of the luxe car. The latest model will be available at a higher rental cost compared to older models.

Also, go through the company’s rules and regulations about car rental. Some companies may ask you to deposit in advance with some extra charges that are refundable after your handover the car back without any damage.

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Avoid Half Days on Mercedes Rental

Generally, Mercedes on rent will be counted for a rental period of around 24 hours and less as a whole day rental. The difference with luxury car rental is that their rate is higher per day. So, avoid renting for half days if possible.

For instance, consider renting a luxury car for picking you from an airport and take delivery of it on the next evening before your trip starts. Don’t waste a full day rental charge just for a few miles between the airport and hotel.

Skip Insurance and Upgrades

After thorough research, you may end up getting the best Mercedes on rent for a special occasion. However, it is not the end of the booking. The big money waster can be the one that goes for car rental insurance. Some companies may use such tricks to convince you to get rental car insurance. But if you have car insurance for a personal vehicle, it is enough to cover the rented luxury car. So, no need to go for additional insurance from a rental car company.

Another aspect of the Mercedes car on rent in Ahmedabad or Delhi is to save money on “upgrades.” You have to say no to upgrades like:

  • Satellite Radio: You can easily use your phone to play music.
  • GPS: Use your mobile phone for GPS services.
  • Toll Passes: Rental companies may charge extra to get you toll passes. Instead, you may carry extra cash and pay a toll when needed.

Keep a Tab on the Included Mileage

You have to think about the mileage for your trip before renting Mercedes to prevent costly surprises for extra mileage. The included mileage is usually limited to around 150 km/day. It depends on the car model you choose. You even have to consider your budget when keeping an eye on the included mileage.


It is easy to find rental car companies in Delhi, offering you the best Mercedes on rent. However, you have to consider the given points to make the right rental decision without wasting money on luxury car rental.


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