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Things To Consider Along With The Used 4 Colour Offset Printing Machine Price In India

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An offset machine is the most popular printing method these days. Rather than mechanical and technical processes, printing is itself an art. More than 50% of the printing jobs that are carried out today are being done through used printing machine for sale in India

The majority of the people don’t have an idea about how an offset printer works? A printer brings out the best versatility and dome of the most brilliant colours on brochures or magazines. All this is made possible with the help of a used offset printer. 

Let’s now find out what we should look for while getting a used printing machine for sale in India. 

Selecting A Used Offset Printer

It would help if you considered many things when you plan to get a used offset printer. Go through the buying guidelines below. 

  • Price & Year Of Manufacture

In case it’s an offset printer, you need to know if the brand is reputed or is it of an older version. The price is another factor to look for. You should know the used 4 colour offset printing machine price in India before choosing your final machine. Today, even the old market is super competitive, so do not shy away from surmounting. Never select a device just because you find it super cheap. 

  • Check Inking System & Cylinders

Plate & blanket cylinders, ink rollers and the dampening system are the essential elements of an offset printer. However, do not hesitate to consult with an expert before getting the machine. 

  • Investigate About the Brand

In the case of old or used machines, check what brand it is. It shouldn’t be an obsolete one. Check whether the brand is still serviceable and if the spare parts are conveniently available in the market. If you see that it is among the best brands, you should go for that brand, even if it’s older. 

  • The Present State of the Machine

The thumb rule here is that the machine should be in a running position. Check for the speed and quality of the printer and see if you spot anything unusual. See if the parts have been removed or replaced. See the maintenance structure of the printer. 

  • Indulge With A Reputed Dealer

Whenever you are thinking of getting an old offset printing machine, always involve a Dealer who has an excellent reputation in the market. Ask for the list of clients he or she has worked with earlier. A good dealer would not deceive you as he won’t want his reputation to get hampered. Also, ensure that the dealer has strong links in the country where the product has been manufactured. A reputed dealer who gets his stock from foreign countries such as the UK, Or the USA would have more knowledge about the American market. 

Wrapping Up

In case you are doubtful about buying an old machine, there are a lot of other factors that you can quickly look for, such as printing capacity, size and requirements of the business etc.


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