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Things to Avoid After Whitening Your Teeth

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Your first impression makes your last impression, with this opening line we tend to remind you that whatever comes first should be promising at the first shot, otherwise things may not end well for the same. Teeth are considered a vital part of the human body since they allow us to chew the food and break them into smaller substances so that it is easy to digest. Another thing they add to human anatomy is enhancing the personality. A bright white smile is often considered a healthy and impressive one rather than a pale one and so whitening of teeth has become an obsession in today’s culture. There are many products and gadgets in the market who keep promising to make your teeth white and healthy. This could be a good practice but getting a go with the dentist for whitening your teeth may benefit you because it lasts longer and also it is done by an expert, so there is stability with the investment. It can get hard with the time to keep your teeth white since the scheduling and workload are putting too much stress on an individual’s health. People often get confused, what to and what not to take care of and hence here are a few guidelines that can help you keep your teeth white for a longer period of time once you have got the teeth whitening treatment.

Avoiding Cold and Hot Beverages

Cold and hot beverages such as sodas, certain fruit juice, coffee, tea, beer and red wine tend to stain your teeth due to various artificial substances and color present in it. If still, you have developed a habit of drinking tea or coffee in the morning, try taking it in with a straw as straws would avoid the beverage to reach your teeth and will get directly ingested into the food pipe.

Do Not Eat Foods That Might Stick or Stain

As we heed to avoid certain beverages, there are a number of foods that should be avoided based on the nature of them being acidic , greasy or colored. They can damage your enamel and produce excessive tartar and plaque which eventually results in rotten teeth. Some common food that should be avoided to keep your teeth white for a longer time are –

a) Red, soya sauce , and vinegar.

b) Red meat

c) Berries such as blueberry, raspberry and blackberry.

d) Vegetables such as tomatoes , carrots , spinach etc.

e) Milk and dark chocolate.

f) Candies ( natural and artificial both )

Cutting Out Nicotine and Tobacco

Oral health requires a lot of attention and smoking or chewing tobacco isn’t one of them since they are the fastest means of staining one’s teeth. Those under the procurement of nicotine develop yellow pale teeth over time and chewing tobacco eventually turns teeth to red , brown or black . Therefore it is advised to quit smoking and chewing tobacco not only for health issues but also to maintain a bright white smile.

Dental Hygiene Products

Dental Hygiene Products come in a lot of range and depending upon the variety , they consist of many colors. Products such as toothpaste and mouthwash are highly affected due to the course of coloring and hence a wide number of colors are available for the same. Always opt for white or light color products since other colors can stain your teeth faster. So choose your dental products wisely to maintain a genuine and bright white smile.

When you consult with Auburn teeth whitening professionals, they usually enlist a record of what to eat after teeth whitening. Since a lot of articles only provide don’ts, there are some do’s we can practice. Some of the foods you can consume are plain yoghurt, white rice, chicken, tofu, oatmeal’s, potatoes, bananas, white chocolate, etc. And some of the beverages that can be consumed too are coconut water and milk, white wine, sparkling water which is not flavored, alcohol such as gin and vodka.

You can also avoid the cost that is applied to the products in the market as well as enjoy healthy teeth and avoid the need to look for teeth extraction in Auburn by following tips and tricks that we have put together after consulting experts. Even after taking proper care and following these steps, if the problem still persists, we suggest you consult with experts dealing in teeth whitening in Auburn to get better insights on how to proceed with proper care and maintain a better overall oral health and hygiene.


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