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Things About Custom Key Lanyard and its Features You Should Know

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Lanyards are one of the most common items we see every day. We think we do not pay attention to them, but is it really so? The truth is, you must have tried to read the name of organisations from lanyards before. Thus, trade exhibitions, conventions, seminars, and workplace functions all benefit from lanyards. They are an easy and cost-effective way to raise brand awareness, reinforce brand image, and improve security. Lanyards are multi-functional and thus you can use them as a key lanyard or an ID badge necklace. Good news is, you can even get custom key lanyard.

1. Places Where You Can Use Lanyards 

Almost everyone needs to carry their ID or car keys with them at all times, making lanyards quite useful! However, they’re especially useful in the following scenarios:

Educational Institutions

Students and teachers are always on the go, dashing from their dorms or offices to class. Lanyards are common in the academic environment since they need to keep their IDs or keys close at hand. Lanyards are available for purchase in bookstores or as free promotional gifts on orientation day. Most educational lanyards are generic ones with very fewer custom changes.

Office Premises

The last thing you want is for someone to walk into your office by accident. Most offices have credential scanners to keep your building safe. The staff attach their key cards to scan and enter the office compound. Companies might assign custom key lanyards for their employees.

Medical Facilities

Nurses and doctors need to be able to visit each wing of a hospital rapidly, which is why they should wear retractable badges on lanyards. Other than them, the other stuff of the hospital also wears custom lanyards along with uniforms to appear distinguishable.  

Health Clubs and Gyms

Do you go to the YMCA or a gym after work every day? You can put your membership card on a lanyard and can scan it while entering the gym. In bigger gyms, trainers wear separate lanyards than members. 

Conventions & Trade Shows

You can find one of the most common uses of lanyards in this sector. A trade exhibition or conference can have over a thousand individuals in attendance at any given time, including employees, exhibitors, and spectators. Attach name tags on complementing lanyards so you can quickly identify who’s who.

Concerts and Festivals

Congratulations, you’ve just won VIP tickets to a forthcoming show! You have privileged access that other fans do not, which is why you should wear your pass on a lanyard around your neck. Security staff also wear lanyards to show that they belong backstage.

2. Types of Lanyards Available

If you want to get lanyards custom made, there are many variants for you to opt for. Polyester lanyards, nylon lanyards, tube lanyards, dyed lanyards and woven lanyards are a few types available commonly. Moreover, breakaway lanyards, designer lanyards and double-ended lanyards are also few more popular ones.

3. What can you Attach to a lanyard?

 You can use a lanyard for small, lightweight things that you wish to keep close by. The most items you can attach to a lanyard are keys, ID cards, pens, wallets, sanitizers and even lip balms. In addition, you can also attach masks, lip balms, flashlights, USB and others.

4. Ways to Wear a Lanyard

Does your neck pains after wearing lanyards for too long? Apart from the usual way of wearing it around your neck, you can wear lanyards in different ways. You can wrap it around your hand like a bracelet or shove it in your pocket while allowing the object attached to it to dangle. You can also attach the lanyard to your bag for a brief period. Also, you can wear a custom key lanyard as your belt. However, it is still best to wear around your neck.

Thus, apart from being involved in the most mundane places, lanyards can be involved in interesting places too. Also, lanyards not only make you look professional, it comes handy for you to keep little things in sight.


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