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These Men’s Banded Collar Shirts Exemplify Quality

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The clerical collar, which takes on two main types, presents in the form of a stiff piece of fabric, typically white, that encircles the neck of an ordained member of the clergy and is fastened at the back. Although nowadays not all clergymen wear clerical collars and therefore have less of a need for men’s banded collar shirts, the clerical collar (of which there are tab collars and banded collars) is still an incontrovertible symbol of the ordained man.

For those that still wear them, there are a few different items to address in the purchase decision to ensure that one is going to be assured of quality. A poorly designed and crafted clergy shirt, like another lacking item of a wardrobe, will leave something expressly to be desired, but that doesn’t need to be the case, no matter the niche quality of the market.

A Wealth of Options
At Divinity Clergy Wear, variety is the name of the game. It just so happens that they pair exemplary quality with their men’s banded clergy shirts in much the same fashion that they do with their men’s tab collar clergy shirts as well as their women’s clergy shirts.

The classic clergy shirt, whether with a banded or a tab collar, is made of black fabric and has a starkly contrasting white collar at the throat. This presents the classic image of the priest, but as time has gone on, the ascetic image has become less universal. Some are still drawn to affect it, but there are others who might prefer to showcase their faith on more colorful terms.

More literally colorful terms, that is, and the men’s banded collar shirts at Divinity Clergy Wear are available in a veritable rainbow of colors, ranging from the classic clerical colors of red, black, white and purple through everything else on the visible spectrum.

Their clergy shirts, with both banded and tab collars, are available in every other color imaginable. Whether you are looking to suit the nature of the season with something bright and novel or simply have a church suit that you would like to properly compliment in accordance with the rules of color theory, Divinity Clergy Wear’s selection of clergy shirts will not disappoint.

In addition to being available in a wide range of colors and sizes, the clerical shirts available at Divinity Clergy Wear are occasionally richly decorated with stunning, bold embroidery that gives them a little bit of extra personality and color. They’re also manufactured to the highest degree of quality.

In for a Dime, in for a Dollar
The clerical shirts available at Divinity Clergy Wear, including the men’s banded collar shirts, are made using only the finest, highest quality premium materials and exhibit detailed, thorough craftsmanship. In addition, many of them are made with a 65/35 poly cotton blend that retains the benefits of both polyester and cotton.

The fabrics from which these shirts have been crafted are durable, tear and abrasion resistant, and breathable, thanks to the cotton in the blend. They are soft, comfortable and form fitting, and with proper care and maintenance will last for many, many years of service. For its part, polyester is very colorfast, retains its shape well, and is quick to dry.

These shirts have been crafted with attention to a standard of quality that destins them to become fixtures of the clerical wardrobe and not simply passing fancies to last a year or two of service through the liturgical calendar.

You can see for yourself what kind of novel creations the designers under Divinity Clergy Wear have been creating at DivinityClergyWear.com or by checking out their social media accounts, Facebook and Instagram. Get in touch with them directly if you have any questions at

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