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These are the Most Common Windows 10 Errors and How to fix them

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Frustration is always caused by on-screen problems. Every time Windows OS has an internal problem, it drains your energy and can cause serious problems. This is even more true if you don’t understand why it happened. 

Many people expect everything to be perfect in these times of digital technology and fast internet. This is not true. Windows 10 is not perfect. You will still encounter errors

Some errors are simply unavoidable. Why do these errors happen? What does each error signify? How do you correct them? 

These are the most common Windows 10 errors and how to fix them 

Unfortunately, I can’t cover every problem that Windows 10 users may face. It would take much longer than what you might need to spend time reading an article. 

It is possible to have many error codes, but they are often the result of one error. It is for this reason that I think it is best we start with the first error. 

Windows 10 Update Errors 

Windows Updates will cause most of the problems you’ll experience with Windows 10. This error is known as the mother of all annoying errors. It will look something like the one above, and contain one of these codes, if it isn’t already. 

0x80070057. WindowsUpdate_8007002C. WindowsUpdate_dt000. 

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Microsoft states that these errors are caused by Windows 10 initiating an automatic upgrade and programs that require user interaction. 

This error can also occur if Windows Update starts. Sometimes it may require several computer restarts in order for it to be fixed. Although it can sometimes help, it’s not recommended. 

If you get the same error message even after restarting several times, there may be a problem with your software distribution folder. 

  • Click to open the browserWindows Start MenuYour screen’s lower-left corner. 
  • Click here Settings icon that looks similar to the cogwheel. 
  • Scroll down the window, and click onUpdate & Security. 
  • Click hereTroubleshootYou can access the left-side menu. 
  • Click on Troubleshoot from the window.Windows UpdatePlease see theGet up and runningHeading 
  • Click hereRun troubleshooterUse the button. 

Follow the instructions until troubleshooting is completed. 

You still haven’t found the solution? You might try running it again, or manually changing the software distribution directory. 

This could be difficult if your aren’t familiar with the Command Prompt. It is best to not try it unless you feel confident. 

  • Type cmd In the search box on your taskbar 
  • UnterBest MatchClick on the right-click iconCommand PromptChoose andRun as administratorSelect from the menu. 
  • You’ll be disabling some services. Begin with the first command in the list, and then work your way to the next. After entering a command, press Enter. 
  • Next, you’ll rename both of themSoftware DistributionAndCatroot2You can create folders. Just like the previous step above, type each command followed closely by the Enter key. 
  • Now we will restart the services you’ve previously disabled. This should have been obvious to you. 
  • Close the command prompt, restart your system, and try again to update. 

Runtime errors 

This error could occur for many reasons. Your PC may have memory issues, incompatible programs, or it could be caused by a malicious virus. 

These codes are often accompanied with a numerical code that helps to identify the problem. Too many to mention here. 

  • It is almost always easy to fix. 
  • You can open yourTask Manager. 
  • You can click theProcessesTab and sort the listing byUsername. 
  • Stop each process as it is completed. You can go back to the original task you were doing at the time of the error. 
  • If the error doesn’t go away, you’ve found the incompatible software. 
  • You can update the incompatible software to prevent this error from happening again. 
  • It is possible that the program you’re trying to run might be corrupted or broken. Before running it, make sure all of your software is up to date. 

BSOD/Frowny Facial/Stop Errors 

The Blue Screen Of Death is a well-known error. This happens when Windows OS runs into a problem it cannot solve and closes down the computer to prevent further problems. 

You no longer see a blue screen filled with numerical error codes. This screen can be identified by its frowny expression and basic message.Your computer encountered a problem…An error code is usually followed by the screen. No matter what, you will need to restart your computer once you see this screen. This can make the task of fixing the error more difficult. 

Most likely, the error is related to the change you made before it occurred. Depending on what was changed, it is possible to choose to restart using the last known good configuration.System RestoreOr, you can roll back the device drivers. 

Make sure that all Windows service packs are installed, that all software updates have been applied, and that you run a virus scan. 

If the problem is software related, you can reinstall the component or contact its developer for assistance. You can either update the firmware, or replace the component. 


Windows 10 can be prone to many other errors. These are, according to my experience, the most common errors that you will encounter. 

If you have a problem with a particular error, which is not covered in this article, and it has an error number, a quick Google Search could help you to understand the cause and how to fix it. 


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