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These Are Some of the Best Accessories for AR 15 Platforms and Other Sporting Rifles

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If you own a sporting rifle like an AR-15, you’re part of a club of around 20 million Americans. In fact, the AR-15 itself has been called America’s Rifle, and its versatility is matched by little else.

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Americans love their sporting rifles for competition, hunting, and just enjoying time at the range. They are immensely versatile tools, and what’s even better about them is that they are widely compatible with so many different accessories.

Speaking of which, here are some categories of the best accessories for AR 15 platforms and other sporting rifles, if you’re looking to make some improvements or AR-15 upgrades.

1. Muzzle brakes

Muzzle brakes are a great way to make your firearm a lot louder, but that’s not why we’ve included them in this list of the best AR-15 accessories. Brakes are muzzle devices that are also great at cutting back on recoil, in some instances, up to nearly half of the force produced by the round. That might not be a prime concern for shooters throwing .223 downrange, but some recoil-sensitive shooters might be happy to install a muzzle brake if their rifles chamber larger rounds.

2. Bipods

A bipod is a highly valuable AR-15 accessory that gives you the ability to form a stable shooting platform nearly anywhere. They’re also very useful for long range shooters that prefer these semi-autos to repeaters.

3. A new stock

Does your sporter come with a stock that just doesn’t seem to get the “right” fit to your personal dimensions? Not to worry, there are plenty of other adjustable, modular stocks out there, and one of them is bound to fit your firearm and provide you with the perfect length of pull.

4. A sling

A sling, especially one that has QD mounts, will be your best friend in the field. If you hunt with your rifle, carrying it over long distances is a burden, that is, without the help of a comfortable sling.

5. A red dot or reflex sight

Red dot and reflex sights are great for shooters that compete and hunters that need to make quick shots in succession. These can be highly valuable for hunters of game that can be dangerous, such as feral hogs, which may require quick follow up shots.

6. A better bolt carrier group

A better bolt carrier group with an improved coating, like nickel-boron, will exhibit enhanced permanent dry lubricity that will improve the operation of your firearm and streamline maintenance. Not only will it decrease cycling time, but it will also require the use of less liquid lubricant, extending the lifespan of vital parts.

7. A low-profile, practical brass catcher

Finally, completing our list of the best AR-15 accessories is a quality, low-profile brass catcher, like the Brass Goat that you can find online at BrassGoat.com. The Brass Goat attached to Mil-Spec lower receiver magwells in seconds without the need for tools, leaving your Picatinny rail free for mounting other accessories.

It’s also made from tough, molded ABS resin, making it weather and abrasion resistant – not to mention the fact that it won’t jam and is impervious to hot brass. To learn more about it, visit MagwellMounts.com or contact their customer service team at 1-833-MAGWELL or at admin@magwellmounts.com.

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