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The World’s Finest Groom Sherwani

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Sherwani for Groom at Weddings

Tying the knot is the most monumental occasion in one’s life; bright colored wedding dresses to adorn, loud music to dance to, and lots of loved ones all around. Wearing exquisitely crafted wedding dresses is one of the most important features of a swinging desi wedding. To make this day all the more special, Rici Melion’s collection features timeless bridal wear and sherwanis made from the finest fabrics and patterns. Rici Melion’s Pakistani wedding dresses are renowned worldwide for their superior craftsmanship – intricately embellished embroidery with excellent tailoring.

Rici Melion’s wedding dresses are a chance for the couple in love to express their sense of style on their special day. There are many options available when it comes to choosing barat dresses for the man but sherwani for the groom is a classic silhouette. A suave sherwani for groom is the quintessential wedding ensemble to celebrate and mark a new era in the groom’s life. Rici Melion boasts a wide collection of the finest groom sherwanis in Pakistan. It is no wonder that the Sherwani has maintained its status as a symbol of opulence throughout the years – it is truly an ensemble fit for royalty.

Designer sherwani for groom as a symbol of opulence

Rici Melion’s sherwanis exude a sense of century-old opulence. Traditional in its outlook and worn over a kurta, the sherwani has kept its appeal in modern times. Cut and stitched to perfection, Rici Melion has finessed the art of the perfect grooms sherwani. At Rici Melion, choosing a suave sherwani for the groom is as important as choosing a stunning gown for the bride. Rici Melion offers designer sherwani for groom– whether it’s a black sherwani for groom, or a dulha dress sherwani.

The catalogue for the latest sherwani designs for grooms is presented on Rici Melion’s official website. Ordering your sherwani at Rici Melion is incredibly easy – cash on delivery service is available on the click of a button. Your order is reviewed and sent to the warehouse for shipment. Upon getting your confirmation email, you’ll be able to track your order. In case of an order getting delayed, you will be informed via email. The estimated delivery time is from 2-4 working days. Eastern wear especially sherwanis by Rici Melion are completely majestic and magnificent in every quintessence. The brand takes luxury and sophistication to another level with an impeccable merger of class, modernism and heritage. Moreover, the use of materials, textiles and tints is done according to what is in and what is not, what would customers prefer and what would sell more. Each piece has its unique individuality.

Rici Melion Skilled Artisans to create sherwani design

As a premier luxury brand, Rici Melion takes pride in itself in its collection of sherwanis that are handcrafted by some of the most skilled artisans in the subcontinent. Stunning mens sherwanis are available at the Rici Melion atelier as well as on its official online website. The grooms have an array of options to choose their sherwani style from. Rici Melion features all the latest designs for groom in the market. There are a variety of new sherwani design for the groom to choose from.

Rici Melion is one designer wear brand that has the most exclusive and high-class collection of sherwani design that are crafted under the artistry of expert master tailors, stitchers and designers. Groom sherwani style, hand cut and constructed at Rici Melion showcase nothing but luxury, finesse and perfection. The brand is a style leader in the industry when it comes to couture pieces and has gained a center stage over the years in mens and womenswear. All new collections crafted by Rici Melion are full of their individual appeal and allure with exquisite hand work, fabrications and color palette. Apart from sherwani, the brand offers prince coats, kurta trouser and awami waistcoats in its eastern line as well.

Mughal Motifs on latest sherwani design

Rici Melion’s team of skilled artisans work seamlessly to ensure that the bride and the groom get the fantasy wedding that they’ve always dreamt of. As seen on Rici Melion’s official website, several silhouettes feature intricate gold embroidery on raw Indian silk. Groom Sherwanis are available in several colors – bronze, white, black, red and violet. Sherwanis like the ‘Noushzad‘, ‘Berat’, ‘Wasaya,’ ‘Mortezan’, and ‘Mirsebel’ have gold embossed zardozi motifs of birds sitting on a branch or in mid-flight. Potent images of birds both enfleshed and imagined are a common feature of Mughal miniature paintings. Paying meticulous attention to detail, Rici Melion draws inspiration from traditional Mughal heritage and imagery to create a timeless grooms sherwaniBlack sherwani designs, some simple, some embossed with gold embellishments are also available.

The latest sherwani designs are also available to you with the click of a button on our website which offers cash on delivery (COD) service. There are a variety of tailoring styles to choose from; whether they are new style sherwaniblack sherwani designs, or simple sherwani design. Latest sherwani design at Rici Melion consist of embellished ones, embroidered, plain, embossed and even semi-embellished. One of the most exceptional features of Rici Melion’s best sherwani design are the use of elegant motifs and appealing hues. Among the top 10 sherwani designs of the season, Rici Melion has been considered at the top of the list among other designer brands based in Lahore.


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