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The Usmnt Vs Wales National Football Team Stats

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The Usmnt Vs Wales National Football Team Stats that will tell you who wins is a blog post about the two teams’ statistics and which one will win. The article explains which teams have better stats and which player is most likely to score for his team.

What are the Usmnt Vs Wales National Football Team Stats?

The United States Men’s National Team (USMNT) has been playing international football since 1916, while Wales first participated in the FIFA World Cup in 1958. However, despite their lengthy history, much of the information about these two teams is largely unknown to casual fans. This article will look at the USMNT vs. Wales national football stats to give an overview of their strengths and weaknesses.

First and foremost, both teams are excellent defensively. The USMNT has kept 17 clean sheets in 41 official matches, while Wales has managed 18 clean sheets in 51 appearances. This lack of goals scored against them can be put down to good defending and solid goalkeeping from both squads. On average, each team saves 1.6 goals per match which are incredibly impressive for international sides.

However, when creating chances for themselves, the USMNT struggles somewhat. They have only scored an average of 0.7 goals per match over the last four years – significantly lower than their opponents, who have scored an average of 1 goal per match during that same period. If the USMNT is going to win against Wales, they will need to find a way to score more goals rather than rely on their defensive prowess alone.

As for Wales, they are a very attacking side who rely heavily on set pieces and penalty kicks to score points. In fact, out of their 51 appearances at the World

How to Compare Usmnt Vs Wales National Football Team Stats?

There are a lot of stats that can be used to compare the USMNT and Wales National Football Teams. Here are some statistics to help you decide who will be on top.

Games Played: The USMNT has played 130 games, while Wales has played 116. This gives the USMNT a slight edge in terms of game experience.

Wins: The USMNT has 71 wins, while Wales has 60 wins. This means that the USMNT is more successful than Wales in winning football matches.

Draws: The USMNT has 18 draws, while Wales has 17 draws. This means that the USMNT is better at avoiding defeat when playing against other teams, although they lose more games when they draw than when they win.

Losses: The USMNT has 61 losses, while Wales has 51 losses. This means that the USMNT tends to lose more games than Wales overall.

Who Wins

There are a few stats that can tell you who the winner of the USMNT vs. Wales match will be. The first stat is possession. The United States has had the ball more times than Wales throughout the match. This could be a sign that the USMNT is in control and should be able to win easily. The second stat is goal difference. The United States has scored two more goals than Wales and will likely add to this lead in the final minutes of play. Therefore, the United States is likely to win this match.


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