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The umbrella: fashion accessory for this summer!

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Summer is approaching and you are looking for the accessory that will make you stand out? This summer, look no further, this is the umbrella for you!

Plan of the article

  • A little history on the umbrella
  • The umbrella: an essential tool
  • The umbrella: a fashion accessory

A little history on the umbrella

Probably originating in China, the umbrellas also served as a parasol, would have been designed in the 1st century, and was fixed on a cart during religious ceremonies. We find the first uses in Europe around the 17th century, while in the 18th century, Daniel Defoe had his own model built for his hero lost on a desert island. The invention of the folding model is attributed to a Frenchman at the beginning of the 1700s. During its history, it was already used as a fashion accessory around the French Revolution.

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The umbrella: an essential tool

Many people complain about climate change, with alternating periods of good weather and precipitation on the same day. You have probably often heard people around you say: “we don’t know how to dress anymore!” It is therefore very practical to always have an umbrellas with you: imagine a downpour if you have no jacket or sweater, and you have planned a combination of shorts and a tank top for the day. The umbrella hidden in the bottom of your purse or in the car can save your day.

A fashion accessory 

Now that you understand the value of having an umbrella with you at all times. It is interesting to dwell on the look of this one: Sober if you have a colorful outfit, or on the contrary yellow or neon pink if you are rather dressed in the dark. Umbrellas come in many sizes, extra small or extra-large, and if you really want to stand out from the crowd, why not grab an inverted umbrella, which also keeps you from getting wet when you close it?


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