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The Ultimate Truth About Wearing Fur

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Fur has been utilized for many generations as a source of heat and protection during the harsh winter months. It has and will continue to be worn since it has transformed into the epitome of fashion sense. Wearing a fur coat immediately brings a slight class about you. No matter the occasion, a fur coat can seriously enhance your sense of style and add elegance to your overall wardrobe.

The idea of fur is a polarizing topic. Some say it’s unethical to wear fur, others disagree entirely. There are valid arguments on both sides, but here, we will discuss why fur is actually a great choice for outerwear. Contrary to popular belief, wearing fur and buying fur coats is not as unethical as some may think. There is a right way and a wrong way to purchase and wear fur.

Let’s break down why wearing fur isn’t such a bad thing.

Reasons to Wear Fur

1.Fur is long-lasting
Fur is one of the longest lasting materials out there. With the proper cleaning and care, a good fur coat can last a few decades. As crazy as that sounds, it’s true. Since fur is a natural material, it is much more susceptible to the elements. As long as you properly clean, store, and care for your luxury winter fur coat, you can even pass it down to your kids or even their kids. It may eventually be considered a family heirloom.

Especially in these times of eco-friendliness, we need to start paying more attention to how much we consume. We need to start purchasing things that are made to last. Fur clothing is one of those things.

2.Fur clothing is sustainable
As mentioned above, fur is made to last. This makes fur clothing sustainable because you don’t need to keep replacing a fur coat or jacket, reducing the amount you consume and inevitably throw away. There is a way to responsibly use animals as a source of clothing.

Wild fur and even farmed animals used for fur clothes are never endangered, so there’s no worries of leading a species to extinction. Many fur retailers responsibly and ethically source their furs, just make sure that you are finding the right retailers.

3.Buying fur is supporting a small business
While many fur retailers like the ones in fancy department stores may be large, usually fur farmers, processors, designers, and trappers are part of a small supply chain. If you want to use your money responsibly and ethically, another great way to do so is to buy small.

Not only is wearing fur highly classy, luxurious, and elegant, by buying with the right fur retailers, you can support local/small businesses while also spending your money on ethically sourced fashion. It’s easier than ever to find the right fur retailer that can check all the boxes.

If you’re looking for the perfect place to buy a new fur coat for the next winter season, look no further than Maximilian. Maximilian is a leading provider of luxury fur clothing and accessories. There, you can find everything from formal coats, casual jackets, full down parkas and much more.

If you are a lover of all things fur, you will be happy to find their very own fur accessories such as fur hats, shawls, and everything in between. Now you can adorn your outfits with the luxury of fur without the fur coat!

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