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The Ultimate Guide to Prepare Section-wise for Government Exams

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There are myriad government exams in the line to be held this year. Candidates are working to their wit’s end to crack the government exams. Well, do you know the efficacious way to prepare for any government exam? You need to become dextrous in every section of the exam to crack it. Pay equal attention to every section and score high. Preparing for a government exam is an arduous task. Nevertheless, not a mission impossible. Dedicate quality time and serious efforts to channel through phases of government exams. It will help you secure a prominent job position in a government department. 

A majority of candidates have a burning desire to clear the SSC CGL exam. The Staff Selection Commission of India conducts this exam in four tiers to select capable candidates. Are you also going to appear for the SSC CGL 2021 exam? If yes, adhere to an organized study routine. We all know that there are sections of different subjects in government exams. It is highly important to have a good hand over each section to crack the exam with flying colours. There are four main sections of government exams i.e. English, General awareness, quant and reasoning ability. Go through this article to know tips regarding how to ace every section of the exam. 

Here are some ultimate tips to prepare section-wise for government exams:

  1. English language

Without a doubt, english language section is the most neglected one. Candidates fall prey to this fallacy that it is the easiest section. However, not revising this section regularly can make you lose marks in government exams. It is advisable not to ignore this section. Instead, invest sufficient time to prepare for it. If you don’t know how to prepare for this section, go through following points:

  • Read an english newspaper daily. It will magnify your english language as well as knowledge of current affairs. 
  • Brush up your grammar skills. Give special attention to topics like tenses, articles, conjunctions, prepositions etc.
  • Learn at least 10 new words daily to enhance your vocabulary.
  • Watch english movies/documentaries/ web-series. 

Adhering to these simple tips can help you ace english section of the government exam easily. 

  1. Reasoning ability

The government exams are composed of a reasoning section to gauge the intellect and common sense of candidates. Anyone with good common sense can crack this section. There are many candidates who find it hard to prepare for this section. They can follow the easy tips given below:

  • You can excel yourself in solving puzzles and seating arrangements questions. The maximum portion of this section has questions from these two topics. 
  • Avoid spending more time on a single question only. It will cut down your speed and you’ll only solve a lesser number of questions.
  • Learn some quick tricks to solve the questions faster. 
  • Ace easy topics like input-output, coding-decoding, blood relations, order and ranking, direction tests etc. Solving questions of these topics would require less time and effort. 

Following these tips religiously can help you become proficient in the reasoning section. Additionally, it will improve your overall score in the government exam. 

  1. Quantitative aptitude

A majority of candidates start shaking when it comes to preparing for the quant section. Firstly, you need to stop feeling anxious while studying for this section. Moreover, you need to keep yourself calm and focused to perform well in this section.  Without a doubt, preparing for this section would require you to pour sincere efforts. Follow the these tips while studying for this section:

  • First, you need to clear your basics regarding each topic of the exam. It’ll be quite complicated to solve this section without having your basics clear. 
  • Since you are not allowed to use calculators, it is essential to improve your speed and accuracy. Learn some short tricks and tips to solve hard questions.
  • Learn every important formula and table to solve questions easily. 
  • Ace yourself in topics like simplification, number series, problems on ages, profit & loss etc. These are some easy topics that’ll demand less time while preparing for exams. 

             It’s easy to prepare for this section by following the afore-mentioned tips. So, give your best while preparing for this section of the exam. 

  1. General awareness

General awareness is the most scoring section of the exam, if you have good memory. You need not to learn formulas, no calculations and no solutions. The only best way to prepare for this section is to read a newspaper daily. Additionally, you can download an app on your mobile phone to keep yourself updated on recent news. Most of the apps upload daily quizzes. It will aid in brushing up your general knowledge. Furthermore, following a reliable news channel can also prove the best for you. 

Every year lakhs of graduates apply for the SSC CGL exam. Are you one of them? If yes, seek guidance from a reliable source to crack the exam. Thus, joining a leading institute that is adept in catering SSC coaching in Chandigarh can help you.


Every candidate dreams of clearing a government exam in a single go. It is only possible when you’ll be proficient in every section of the exam. Firstly, prepare a timetable in which you’ll give sufficient time to every section of the exam to study. Adhere to the above points religiously, if you intend to score high in the government exams. Also, never skip to practice mock tests. Solving mock tests can polish your calibre in every section of the exam. Therefore, you can solve maximum questions with accuracy in the exam. Thus, practicing mock tests is the best way to ace every section of the government exam.


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