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The Ultimate Guide To International Freight Forwarders In UAE

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1) Definition of forwarder in Dubai

Definition of a forwarder in Dubai

The forwarder in Dubai, also called transit agent, is a specialist in International Freight Forwarders In UAE. He coordinates the transport of goods for import or export, acting as an intermediary between all the parties involved in the operation:

Supplier (if incoterm EXW)

International air or sea carrier (example: Maersk, CMA CGM, MSC, etc.)

Road carrier (for first km pickup and / or last km delivery)

Handlers (loading and unloading)

Unbundling companies (for groupage sea freight)

Senegalese customs

Insurance companies

Etc …

In theory, there are 2 types of freight forwarders:

agent forwarding agent: it is subject to an obligation of means. He simply carries out his client’s orders, with limited responsibilities. He therefore does not choose providers, and is only responsible for his own faults.

freight forwarder: It is subject to an obligation of results. Thus, it organizes and coordinates transport logistics, selects subcontractors, negotiates with them (deadlines, prices, conditions for loading goods, etc.). He is also responsible for the faults of the subcontractors he has chosen.

2) The Autonomous Port of Dubai and freight forwarders

Autonomous Port of Dubai

95% of international freight transport goes by sea, which means that the activity of freight forwarders is generally very much linked to that of the Port (rather than the airport). In terms of Twenty Feet Equivalent (Unit of Measurement of the Volume of Containers in a terminal), the Port Autonome de Dubai is the 3rd largest in UAE , roughly tied with that of Abidjan (700,000 TEU in 2019)..

There are in particular 3 conditions to be officially recognized as a freight forwarder:

Obtain a port license

Have a NINEA (following the creation of a company)

Deposit a deposit of 60 Million CFA

The purpose of these conditions is to guarantee human and financial capacities allowing the freight forwarder to honor his commitments.

Natural or legal persons exercising the profession of forwarding agent in Dubai, but not having a license, are obliged to subcontract certain services to official transit companies.

3) Freight Forwarders and Administrative Management

For international logistics operations, the administrative procedures can be quite cumbersome and time-consuming. The role of the forwarder in Senegal is to compile a complete file and carry out the procedures as efficiently as possible (both for air freight and sea freight). In particular, the freight forwarder can assist you with the following documents:

Prior import declaration (COTECNA)

Declaration of Consumption (Customs)

Bill of Lading or Loading Slip (Carrier)

Commercial invoice (supplier)

Phytosanitary Certificate (Hygiene Service)

Certificate of Origin (ASEPEX)Etc …


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