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The Ultimate Guide on How Real Estate Virtual Staging Works

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With the technological advancements in the real estate industry, a lot of things have already changed. And one of the major innovations is the home staging. Not only a traditional, physical staging is being performed these days, rather a virtual one.

Home staging is the process of decorating a property to showcase its best features with the purpose of attracting buyers. From painting a house to updating the landscaping to putting furniture and accent pieces in the interiors, you do all of these to sell a property. However, another option has emerged, and that is virtual staging.

What is Real Estate Virtual Staging?

Digital or virtual staging is just like the traditional home staging, but what makes it different is the process of doing it. As its name suggests, real estate virtual staging is the process of filling vacant spaces with furnishings using professional computer software. It is enhancing digital images of a property by using graphics software to virtually create furniture or any design you want into a photo.

Since real estate agents need to be on the lookout for more improved ways of getting buyers, virtual staging has become another great option. It is a convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional staging and the best choice for buyers who are on a budget or have time restrictions. Though virtual staging may be gaining interest within the industry, it still remains unknown to many people. Thus, here is everything you need to know about this high-impact technology.

How Does Real Estate Virtual Staging Work

staging site of real estate

To assist buyers with property viewing as if they have designed it or own it is how virtual staging works. It may not be a substitute for getting the property fully ready through traditional means, like repairs, painting, renovations, and maintenance, but it can absolutely create an enticing character and make it look presentable. Viewers are often overwhelmed with property viewings that is why virtual staging is making it easy for them to get a feel of what will fit in the space.

So, here are a few crucial  requirements you need to provide to make virtual staging for real estate really work: 

Real, Professional Photos

virtual staging of real estate

Get quality photos of the entire property by hiring professional photographers. Most realistic digitally staged properties use professionally taken images as a base, since you are able to make furniture and other designs look real. Oftentimes, realtors prefer high-definition property images because these have proper lighting and the right angles you need to show off. 

Reference Images

When it comes to interior styling, furniture preference, and room functionality, the client has the say to these. Designers and editors must understand and respect what the client wants and expects to see in order to achieve perfect customer satisfaction. Additionally, this saves time, energy, and money for possible major revisions and extra payments.

Floor Plan

example floor plan

Of course, you need a floor plan to make virtual staging work. To guarantee accurate scaling and get the highest level of realism, a property layout is a must. Having this can absolutely make your staging true to life.

Benefits of Real Estate Virtual Staging

Real estate virtual staging also takes a lot of effort to carry out properly. It offers realtors the ability to show before and after images of a property, giving prospective buyers the chance to see all aspects of the space. More so, it is a powerful marketing tool that highly impacts buyers’ decisions at an emotional level, since you offer them a beautiful image of a property where they can happily live with their family. 

Take a look at some of the benefits of real estate virtual staging:

Countless Design Elements

real estate

With virtual staging, you get a wide range of furnishing options that are constantly updated to match the latest interior design trends. There are countless design elements to choose from, depending on your preference. Hence, you are able to opt for the decor that best suits your listing.


For only a few hundred dollars, you can already use virtual staging to create realistic images of a whole property. Unlike in the traditional home staging where you need to buy or rent expensive furniture and maintain the property while it is on the market, you can definitely save a lot of money through virtual staging. It is the perfect option for those who cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars for a staging budget.

Compelling Digital Marketing Tool

digital marketing tool

As mentioned above, virtual staging can be a powerful marketing tool because most home buyers start their search online. With this, displaying visually compelling listings is extremely a great strategy to attract and retain the interest of potential buyers. Virtual images allow buyers to easily visualize their own furnishings in the rooms and show what can be done aesthetically.

Real estate virtual staging is an innovative solution that benefits both the buyers and sellers in many ways. It has been proven to boost sales, increase online views, and lessen a property’s time on the market. Thus, it is high time to give virtual staging a try and see the difference it can make to your property listings!


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