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The truth of Artificial sweeteners and weight loss

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Artificial sweeteners are considered a great way to enjoy delicious sweet foods without the fear of unwanted weight gain. Because, unlike regular sugar, artificial sweeteners do not contain calories. They are rather chemically made sugar that triggers the “sweetness receptors” on your tongue and gives you a sugar-like taste. But can consuming artificial sweeteners help you lose weight? Some people say they can instead lead to fat gain. So what’s the truth of artificial sweeteners? Let’s find out. 

What are artificial sweeteners?

Artificial sweeteners are chemically made sugar that triggers the “sweetness receptors” on your tongue and gives you a sugar-like taste. The major difference between them and sugar is that they are extremely sweet and not digested or absorbed the same way. This makes them very low in calories. There are many types of artificial sweeteners. Some of them provide no calories while others come with small amounts. 

The truth of artificial sweeteners in losing weight 

Many people believe consuming artificial sweeteners can help you lose weight. Is that true? 

The answer is Yes. But fitness coach Aditya Shrivastava has to say that artificial sweeteners don’t have any direct link to weight loss. It can only help you reduce your caloric intake overall, thus leading to weight loss.

Studies suggest that consuming no-calorie artificial sweeteners result in lower body fat levels.

But here is the catch. Artificial sweeteners are magic ingredients with weight loss properties. It can only help if you manage to stay within the calorie deficit required for your weight loss.

Switching to artificial sweeteners can help you lose weight faster, the result depends on your diet. If you strictly follow a proper diet that lets you stay in a calorie deficit, then you are likely to see positive effects. But just loading artificial sweeteners without any accounts for your overall calories will not help at all. 

Are artificial sweeteners safe?

Enjoying the taste of sweetness without any calories may seem a perfect way to lose weight. But is there any cost to pay?

Many people have raised safety concerns about consuming artificial sweeteners. It’s important to know that not all artificial sweeteners are created equally. Look for the ones that are approved by the FDA. 

Currently, five artificial sweeteners are approved by the FDA. They include saccharin, acesulfame, aspartame, neotame, and sucralose. Some studies say that consuming artificial sweeteners can increase the risk of cancer. But the study was conducted using small amounts of diet soda. We don’t have enough data to understand the effect of diet soda over a long period.

There are some claims that aspartame sweetness can cause brain tumors and chronic fatigue. But further studies showed that the only people having problems with aspartame are the ones with an underlying condition called phenylketonuria. There is no credible evidence that aspartame or any sweeteners can cause brain tumors or any health issues. 


Artificial sweeteners are a great alternative to regular calories containing sugar. It can let you enjoy the taste of sweetness in your diet without interfering with your calorie balance. However, if you don’t need to watch your calories or blood sugar, then there is no real reason to take artificial sweeteners. But if you want to lose weight or control your sugar intake, artificial sweeteners are a safe and effective way to do that.

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AnExtraRep is a body transformation and fitness agency headed by Aditya Shrivastava. Aditya has been into bodybuilding for the last 19 years and is known for his practical and solid knowledge. 

He is also a certified fitness trainer with I.S.S.A. 

Over the last 9 years, his company has been Transforming over 2000 people every year from body to mindset about fitness.

Aditya helps those who want to stay fit. Not only looking in great shape but also disease-free with a happier lifestyle.

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