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The Truth Behind Crafting Bespoke Jewellery in London

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In the past few years, bespoke Hatton Garden Jewellery has been quite a rage. The detailing and artisanship of these customised jewellery pieces make them extremely special.

What people don’t know is that handmade bespoke jewellery is an investment than its mass-produced counterparts. There are a ton of things that go into making a beautifully handcrafted jewellery piece. That’s why they come at a substantial price range.

Most people are unaware of the facts behind bespoke jewellery.

As jewellery valuers in the industry for so long, we have made a list of facts about customised jewellery pieces that you might not know.

No mass-production machinery is involved in the process

Just like the name suggests, handcrafted jewellery is completely made out of hand. Of course, you need a mould and other necessary stuff to make the design for the jewellery.

The pieces are individually carved, soldered, sawed, and shaped without using any mass-production technology. This is why for a single piece of bespoke jewellery in London, you need days for it to arrive.

A machine can produce hundreds of pieces per hour. But with customised jewellery, an individual curves out the pieces.

The raw materials are of higher quality

In almost all cases, the value of the materials used to make a handmade piece of jewellery is superior. This is evident when you get jewellery valuation for insurance purposes.

For mass-produced jewellery, it is difficult to regulate the number of alloys used. Sometimes dirty metal is often blended together to create a costume piece. Hence, the valuation for such jewellery won’t be much.

Handmade engagement rings or other jewellery are sourced from highly reputed companies where they have expert jewellers.

The factor of sustainability

Jewellery makers often associate themselves with ethically sourced materials for handmade jewellery pieces.

That means being ethically sourced will be much more costly than taking the easy route by purchasing from refiners.

This comes in really when you take the jewellery for valuation. Reputable companies like Prestige Jewellery always use the highest quality of sustainable materials for trustworthy sources.

Smaller-scale production will always have better quality than mass production.

The value of time

As mentioned before, there are no machines involved for customised bespoke jewellery in London. Hence, the process takes a lot more time just to carve out a single piece.

As a designer and jewellery valuer, we understand the hours that are spent on a single piece of handmade jewellery. This is the reason why they come at a price. A simple wedding ring with inscriptions can take weeks to perfect!

The labour and innate craftsmanship

Jewellery makers have a very intimate relationship with each design they create.

It needs years to perfect the craft and learn the whole process. Their design is the key, and the value of handmade jewellery lies in those intricacies.

The level of detailing put on customised bespoke jewellery is never the same for a mass-produced piece.

Thrive of local businesses

There has been much effort in “buying local” these days.

Locally made things not only reduces carbon footprint but supporting local artisanship is good for the economy.

So, instead of buying from international stores, go local with bespoke jewellery from Hatton Garden. Along with the value inherited by the jeweller, you will also get a one-of-a-kind piece.

Also, getting bespoke jewellery from London is a wise choice. This way, in the case of jewellery repairing, you won’t need to waste so much money. Sometimes, bespoke jewellery comes with a warranty period.

The next time you buy handmade jewellery pieces, remember that it is more of an investment. Purchasing bespoke jewellery makes you a conservator. The same goes for buying vintage jewellery. It makes for a special gesture; you can be involved as much as you want with the whole process. And these customised jewellery makes for great heirloom pieces.


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