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The Top Five Courses for DevOps

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Trends in the IT industry change faster than any other business vertical. Suppose you are familiar with
the Waterfall and Agile way of working. Today, however, DevOps has created more buzz, and you need
to gain hands-on experience with this in-demand philosophy to stay relevant in the future. Moreover, if
you have been upskilling for the developer role, it’s now time to gain knowledge of the IT operations
role as well. This is because there is more demand for DevOps engineers these days – a professional who
can oversee the entire software development life cycle, from coding and deployment to maintenance
and updates.

DevOps is basically a concept or a philosophy

That promotes increased collaboration between the
development team and operations team of an organization. It focuses on the unification and
automation of business processes and allows coding, application management, and application
maintenance to be combined. If you are planning to learn DevOp or want to become a professional
DevOps engineer, then you have made the best choice of your career, probably. Since the field requires
specialized skills, it is better to commence your DevOp journey by taking online DevOps Training.
Many professionals are busy with their hectic routines and thus find it daunting to look for a reliable
DevOps training program. So, we have listed the top five DevOps courses which you can easily rely on to
build a strong foundation in this field.
Read on to find out!

Post Graduate Program in DevOps

– An online Bootcamp by Simplilearn in collaboration with Caltech CTME
Description – This is a 9-months long comprehensive program with a cutting-edge curriculum designed
by industry experts. Offered in collaboration with California Institute of Technology’s Center for
Technology and Management Education (Caltech CTME), this program covers the concepts of DevOps,
CI/CD with Jenkins, Git and GitHub, Docker, configuration management, Kubernetes, and more. The top
skills included in the course are continuous integration, continuous delivery, containerization, source
control, and deployment automation.
Along with the theoretical classes, Simplilearn offers masterclasses by Caltech CTME instructors, over 20
real-world projects on integrated labs, and a capstone project in 3 domains.

DevOps Tutorial: Complete Beginners Training – 5 in 1 Bundle

– A Udemy course created by Up Degree
This in-depth training program will help you learn how DevOps assists the software development life
cycle. It makes you familiar with invaluable skills like DevOp best practices, including Continuous
Development, Continuous Testing, Configuration Management, and more. The syllabus is divided into 14
sections with a total of 62 lectures that will take you around eight and a half hours to complete. Some of
the important topics covered in this program are Docker architecture, Provisioning, Custom Image,
Introduction to Jenkins, Git, Vagrant, Maven, and Ansible.
At the end of the program, you will understand how to containerize a web-based application with a
micro-service approach and automate it using Dockerfile.

DevOps Foundation Course

– A preparatory course designed by the DevOps Institute
The DevOps Foundation course is specifically dedicated to those who are preparing for the DevOps
Foundation Certification administered by the DevOp Institute. It gives you a baseline understanding of
key DevOps terminology and how this philosophy supports organizational success. It includes the latest
thinking, principles, and practices from the DevOps community along with real-world case studies. These
case studies are taken from high-performing companies like Capital One, Fannie Mae, Disney, ING Bank,
Alaska Air, and Target.
The course also takes you through DevOp relationship to Agile, Lean, and ITSM, scaling DevOps for the
enterprise, critical success factors, and key performance indicators. The course is suitable for
professionals from operations, management, development, QA, and testing fields.

Understanding DevOps

– A learning path by Pluralsight
This learning path consists of 14 courses divided into three categories – basic, intermediate, and
advanced. You will learn about the philosophy behind DevOps and how to implement it in an
organization. Throughout these 14 hours of thorough learning, you will explore AgilePM project
management, test-driven development, continuous integration and continuous delivery, and
automation and orchestration. There are no prerequisites to start this learning path.
Here are the courses covered in the following categories:
Basic – DevOps: the Big Picture, Implementing DevOp in the Real World

Intermediate – AgilePM project management, Test-Driven Development: The Big Picture, Continuous
Integration and Continuous Delivery: The Big Picture
Advanced – Orchestration and Automation: The Big Picture, Infrastructure from Code: The Big Picture,
Testing Automation: The Big Picture, Continuous Monitoring: The Big Picture

Introduction to DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering

– A self-paced course by the Linux Foundation on edX
If you want to take the first step in the journey of transforming operations into an all-around DevOp
expert, then this course is for you. Explore the foundations, practices, and principles of DevOp and Site
Reliability Engineering with this comprehensive training program. You will get the skills and knowledge
of deploying software with confidence, high reliability, and agility using modern DevOp and SRE
practices. Prior knowledge of Linux systems, networking concepts, basic scripting, virtualization
concepts and system administration is recommended before starting this course.
With all these top options for learning DevOps, select the one that best suits your learning needs and
start your DevOps journey.


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